History & Trends of Australian Uni Rankings - Times

Find the historical / trend Australian university rankings by Times, one of the top three world university ranking institutions . Click the hyperlinks of the rating agencies above to get the whole picture of the university rankings. The national rank of each university is derived from the world rank. Also interested in comparing university rankings and trends side-by-side with 2D and 3D charts? Please find the rankings by degree / course / subject here. Related: Find national and world rankings of a university by rating agency and year | My ATAR | ATAR cut-offs by university, by course or both | Better Education VCE ATAR Calculator.

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University2018 National Rank2018 World Rank2017 National Rank2017 World Rank2016 National Rank2016 World Rank2015 National Rank2015 World Rank2014 National Rank2014 World Rank
Australian Catholic University 25401-50030501-60034601-800    
Australian National University 249248247252245
Bond University 29501–600 30501-60030501-600    
Carnegie Mellon University - Australia           
Charles Darwin University 29501-60017301-35011251-30010251-30014301-350
Charles Sturt University           
CQUniversity 29501–600 30501-60024401-50029501-600  
Curtin University 18301-35022351-40024401-50023401-50017351-400
Deakin University 22351-40017301-35011251-30018301-35014301-350
Edith Cowan University 29501-60030501-60030501-60028501-600  
Federation University Australia           
Flinders University 15251-30017301-35020351-40010251-300  
Griffith University 15251-30013251-30011251-30010251-300  
James Cook University 10201-2509201-25011251-30010251-300  
La Trobe University 18301-35022351-40020351-40018351-400  
Macquarie University 10201-25013251-30011251-30018301-35014301-350
Monash University 584580574573583
Murdoch University 25401-50025401-50024401-50023401-50017351-400
Queensland University of Technology 10201-2509201-2509201-25010251-30011276-300
RMIT University 25401-50025401-500      
Southern Cross University 29501-60025401-50030501-60023401-500  
Swinburne University of Technology 25401-50025401-50020351-40018351-40017351-400
Torrens University Australia           
University of Adelaide 81358134814281498164
University of Canberra 15251-30022351-40024401-50028501-600  
University of Divinity           
University of Melbourne 132132133133133
University of New England           
University of New South Wales 6966856786826109
University of Newcastle 18301-35013251-3009201-25010251-30010251-275
University of Notre Dame Australia           
University of Queensland 469465360460465
University of South Australia 10201-2509201-25011251-30018351-40011276-300
University of Southern Queensland 34601-80035601-80034601-80031601-800  
University of Sydney 359361360356360
University of Tasmania 22351-40017301-35019301-35010251-300  
University of Technology Sydney 91969201-250      
University of the Sunshine Coast 34601-80030501-600      
University of Western Australia 71347111712571097157
University of Wollongong 10201-25013251-30011251-30010251-30011276-300
Victoria University 18301-35017301-35020351-400    
Western Sydney University 22351-40025401-50024401-50023401-50017351-400