ATAR Cutoffs - RMIT University - 2018

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Find the ATAR Cut-offs or Clearly-in for Main Round offers for 2018 admissions, by university, by course or both. Find the ATAR you need to guarantee your entry into a university course. Although ATAR cut-offs are simply based on supply and demand, they can show whether a university has competitive offerings. They can be utilised to compare the competitiveness of the courses offered by Australian universities and find out the top courses with high ATAR cut-offs ie. admission rank. Related: Top university courses / degress | My ATAR | Compare uni rankings and trends | National rankings and world rankings of Australian universities | Find uni rankings | Uni ranking trends | Better Education VCE ATAR Calculator.
  1. No one knows what the ATAR cut-off will be for entry into a course until first round offers are actually finalised. Cut-off ATARs ('clearly-in' ranks) are a result of selection, they are not predetermined. The ATAR cut-offs are established each year by the equation of number of places available in a given year, number of applicants applying in that year and how well the applicants have done. It is only possible to use the ATAR cut-offs from past years as a guide to entry next year as it may change. More Info
  2. A couple of universities and their courses are not displayed because they don't publish cut-off scores.
  3. Your search will display top 20 results only. If your search returned no results, please refine the search.
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UniversityCourseATARCourse Code
RMIT University Medical Radiations-Medical Imaging (Radiography) 96.43200231091
RMIT University Medical Radiations-Radiation Therapy 91.053200231111
RMIT University Social Work/Psychology (Social Science) (Honours) 90.253200333351
RMIT University Software Engineering 90.053200332261
RMIT University Engineering-Aerospace (Honours)/Business Management 89.653200432041
RMIT University Medical Radiations-Nuclear Medicine 88.653200231081
RMIT University Engineering-Civil and Infrastructure (Honours)/Business Management 88.13200432591
RMIT University Criminology and Psychology 87.33200333651
RMIT University Engineering-Chemical (Honours)/Biotechnology 86.853200433141
RMIT University Engineering-Biomedical (Honours) 85.553200433201
RMIT University Engineering-Sustainable Systems (Honours)/Business Management 85.23200433211
RMIT University International Studies 85.053200333031
RMIT University Engineering-Aerospace (Honours) 85.053200432481
RMIT University Engineering-Civil and Infrastructure (Honours) 85.053200432471
RMIT University Engineering-Electrical (Honours)/Commerce 84.653200332391
RMIT University Engineering-Computer and Network (Honours)/Computer Science 84.23200332901
RMIT University Engineering-Mechanical (Honours)/Business Management 84.053200431691
RMIT University Engineering-Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics (Honours)/International Business 83.83200431251
RMIT University Psychology (Social Science) 83.63200333191
RMIT University Engineering-Mechanical (Honours)/Industrial Design (Honours) 83.63200431231