Top Primary Schools in TAS - 2011

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The following table lists the 2011 best (top quarter among all schools) primary schools in Tasmania. Find best primary schools in Hobart here. English and Maths are rated with 5 grades while the overall academic performance has 3 rating scales for you to choose. Related ratings: Top Hobart Primary Schools | Top Hobart Non-government Primary Schools | Top Hobart Government Primary Schools | Tasmanian Primary School Ratings. Alternatively you can compare up to 5 Tasmanian primary schools and trends with 2D / 3D charts side by side. For other types of results or rankings, please visit School Ranking Home. There are a large range of factors that impact on academic results in addition to the role played by the school itself. These include the SES (Socio Economic Status) background of students, whether the school is selective in its student intake, etc. It is for the reader to do his own research and draw his or her own conclusions.

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Lowest: 1, 6, 60 - Highest: 5, 10, 100
If you cannot find a school on this list of top schools here, this means the school might have missed the cut-off score for the list. In this case, you can find the school by school name, suburb or postcode on Compare Schools or Ratings page. Features of Compare Schools page:
  • compare up-to 5 schools side-by-side
  • find a school's trend over the years in academic results and enrolment
  • compare schools' trends
  • 2D/3D charts
On Ratings page, you can also find best local schools near a suburb / postcode by radius.
School State Overall Score English Maths Total EnrolmentsTrend / CompareLocalitySectorICSEA
St Peter Chanel Catholic School,Smithton,TAS,7330 100 128 Trend / Compare Smithton TAS 7330 Non-government latest
Fahan School,Sandy Bay,TAS,7005 100 337 Trend / Compare Sandy Bay,TAS,7005 Non-government latest
St Michael's Collegiate School,Hobart,TAS,7000 100 737 Trend / Compare Hobart TAS 7000 Non-government latest
Mount Nelson Primary School,Mount Nelson,TAS,7007 99 162 Trend / Compare Mount Nelson TAS 7007 Government latest
Princes Street Primary School,Sandy Bay,TAS,7005 99 323 Trend / Compare Sandy Bay TAS 7005 Government latest
John Calvin School,Launceston,TAS,7250 99 64 Trend / Compare Launceston,TAS,7250 Non-government latest
Albuera Street Primary School,Hobart,TAS,7000 99 231 Trend / Compare Hobart,TAS,7000 Government latest
Scotch Oakburn College,Newstead,TAS,7250 99 1057 Trend / Compare Newstead,TAS,7250 Non-government latest
The Cottage School,Bellerive,TAS,7018 99 61 Trend / Compare Bellerive TAS 7018 Non-government latest
The Launceston Preparatory School,Launceston,TAS,7250 98 106 Trend / Compare Launceston TAS 7250 Non-government latest
The Hutchins School,Sandy Bay,TAS,7005 98 960 Trend / Compare Sandy Bay TAS 7005 Non-government latest
South Hobart Primary School,South Hobart,TAS,7004 98 264 Trend / Compare South Hobart TAS 7004 Government latest
The Friends' School,North Hobart,TAS,7002 98 1273 Trend / Compare North Hobart,TAS,7000 Non-government latest
Waimea Heights Primary School,Sandy Bay,TAS,7005 98 254 Trend / Compare Sandy Bay TAS 7005 Government latest
Launceston Church Grammar School,Mowbray Heights,TAS,7248 97 741 Trend / Compare Mowbray Heights TAS 7248 Non-government latest
Goulburn Street Primary School,West Hobart,TAS,7000 97 190 Trend / Compare West Hobart TAS 7000 Government latest
Lansdowne Crescent Primary School,West Hobart,TAS,7000 97 381 Trend / Compare West Hobart TAS 7000 Government latest
St Thomas More's Catholic School,Newstead,TAS,7250 97 236 Trend / Compare Newstead TAS 7250 Non-government latest
Mount Stuart Primary School,Mount Stuart,TAS,7000 97 383 Trend / Compare Mount Stuart TAS 7000 Government latest
Taroona Primary School,Taroona,TAS,7053 96 324 Trend / Compare Taroona TAS 7053 Government latest
Southern Christian College,Kingston,TAS,7050 96 141 Trend / Compare Kingston TAS 7050 Non-government latest
Sacred Heart Catholic School,Launceston,TAS,7250 96 386 Trend / Compare Launceston TAS 7250 Non-government latest
Montagu Bay Primary School,Montagu Bay,TAS,7018 96 311 Trend / Compare Montagu Bay TAS 7018 Government latest
St Aloysius Catholic College,Kingston Beach,TAS,7050 95 657 Trend / Compare Kingston Beach TAS 7050 Non-government latest
East Launceston Primary School,East Launceston,TAS,7250 95 573 Trend / Compare East Launceston TAS 7250 Government latest
Calvin Christian School,Kingston,TAS,7050 95 488 Trend / Compare Kingston,TAS,7050 Non-government latest
Blackmans Bay Primary School,Blackmans Bay,TAS,7052 95 354 Trend / Compare Blackmans Bay,TAS,7052 Government latest
Westbury Primary School,Westbury,TAS,7303 95 134 Trend / Compare Westbury TAS 7303 Government latest
Strahan Primary School,Strahan,TAS,7468 94 52 Trend / Compare Strahan TAS 7468 Government latest
Illawarra Primary School,Blackmans Bay,TAS,7052 94 392 Trend / Compare Blackmans Bay TAS 7052 Government latest
Punchbowl Primary School,Launceston,TAS,7250 94 295 Trend / Compare Launceston TAS 7250 Government latest
Meander Primary School,Meander,TAS,7304 94 60 Trend / Compare Meander TAS 7304 Government latest
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School,Devonport,TAS,7310 94 359 Trend / Compare Devonport TAS 7310 Non-government latest
Bellerive Primary School,Bellerive,TAS,7018 93 345 Trend / Compare Bellerive,TAS,7018 Government latest
Stella Maris Catholic Primary School,Burnie,TAS,7320 93 419 Trend / Compare Burnie TAS 7320 Government latest
Trevallyn Primary School,Launceston,TAS,7250 93 430 Trend / Compare Launceston TAS 7250 Government latest
Campbell Street Primary School,Hobart,TAS,7000 93 248 Trend / Compare Hobart,TAS,7000 Government latest
Bridport Primary School,Bridport,TAS,7262 93 143 Trend / Compare Bridport,TAS,7262 Government latest
Launceston Christian School,Launceston,TAS,7250 92 548 Trend / Compare Launceston,TAS,7250 Non-government latest
Snug Primary School,Snug,TAS,7054 92 332 Trend / Compare Snug TAS 7054 Government latest
Boat Harbour Primary School,Boat Harbour,TAS,7321 92 235 Trend / Compare Boat Harbour,TAS,7321 Government latest
St Mary's College,Hobart,TAS,7000 92 812 Trend / Compare Hobart,TAS,7000 Non-government latest
Lauderdale Primary School,Lauderdale,TAS,7021 92 554 Trend / Compare Lauderdale TAS 7021 Government latest
New Town Primary School,New Town,TAS,7008 92 341 Trend / Compare New Town TAS 7008 Government latest
Howrah Primary School,Howrah,TAS,7018 91 541 Trend / Compare Howrah TAS 7018 Government latest
Margate Primary School,Margate,TAS,7054 91 464 Trend / Compare Margate TAS 7054 Government latest
Longford Primary School,Longford,TAS,7301 91 246 Trend / Compare Longford TAS 7301 Government latest
St Leonards Primary School,St Leonards,TAS,7250 91 265 Trend / Compare St Leonards TAS 7250 Non-government latest
Norwood Primary School,Norwood,TAS,7250 91 453 Trend / Compare Norwood TAS 7250 Government latest
Glen Huon Primary School,Glen Huon,TAS,7109 90 129 Trend / Compare Glen Huon TAS 7109 Government latest
Cambridge Primary School,Cambridge,TAS,7170 91 338 Trend / Compare Cambridge,TAS,7170 Government latest
Sprent Primary School,Sprent,TAS,7315 90 76 Trend / Compare Sprent TAS 7315 Government latest