Best Primary Schools in Toowoomba Queensland - 2018

The following table lists top primary schools in Toowoomba Queensland according to their Year 5 results in 2018. Find best primary schools in Brisbane here. English and Maths are rated with 5 grades while the overall academic performance has 3 rating scales for you to choose. Related ratings: Top Brisbane Primary Schools | Top Brisbane Non-government Primary Schools | Top Brisbane Government Primary Schools | Top Queensland Primary Schools | Queensland Primary School Ratings | Queensland Government Primary School Teaching and Learning Ratings. Alternatively you can compare up to 5 QLD primary schools and trends with 2D / 3D charts side by side. For other types of results or rankings, please visit School Ranking Home. There are a large range of factors that impact on academic results in addition to the role played by the school itself. These include the SES (Socio Economic Status) background of students, whether the school is selective in its student intake, etc. It is for the reader to do his own research and draw his or her own conclusions.

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  6. Three Queensland Academies (Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology, Queensland Academy for Health Sciences and Queensland Academy for Creative Industries) are selective entry senior state high schools. They are not listed here because they are senior high schools only. They are among the highest performing schools in Queensland based on OP1-5 equivalents (IBD) and tertiary acceptance rates. See their OP/IBD results.
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SchoolLocality State Overall Score English Maths Yr 5 EnrolmentsTrend / CompareSectorICSEA
Toowoomba Anglican College Toowoomba 99 48 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Fairholme College Toowoomba 99 45 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Mater Dei Primary School (Toowoomba) Toowoomba 97 48 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
The Glennie School Toowoomba 97 43 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Toowoomba East State School Toowoomba 96 130 Trend / Compare Government latest
St Saviour's Primary School (Toowoomba) Toowoomba 95 52 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Toowoomba Grammar School Toowoomba 95 46 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School (Toowoomba) Toowoomba 94 48 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Downlands College Toowoomba 93 27 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Concordia Lutheran College (Martin Luther Primary) Toowoomba 92 26 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Gabbinbar State School Toowoomba 92 58 Trend / Compare Government latest
St Mary's College, Toowoomba Toowoomba 91 49 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
St Thomas More's Primary School (Toowoomba) Toowoomba 91 42 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Glenvale Christian School (Toowoomba) Toowoomba 90 11 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Rangeville State School Toowoomba 88 112 Trend / Compare Government latest
Highlands Christian College Toowoomba 88 43 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Holy Name Primary School (Toowoomba) Toowoomba 83 16 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Sacred Heart Primary School (Toowoomba) Toowoomba 82 29 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Concordia Lutheran College (Concordia Primary) Toowoomba 80 15 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Glenvale State School Toowoomba 78 121 Trend / Compare Government latest
Darling Heights State School Toowoomba 77 98 Trend / Compare Government latest
St Anthony's School (Toowoomba) Toowoomba 77 27 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Fairview Heights State School Toowoomba 76 82 Trend / Compare Government latest
Newtown State School Toowoomba 75 52 Trend / Compare Government latest
Drayton State School Drayton 75 34 Trend / Compare Government latest
Wilsonton State School Toowoomba 72 96 Trend / Compare Government latest
Darling Downs Christian School Toowoomba 71 20 Trend / Compare Non-government latest
Toowoomba North State School Toowoomba 71 15 Trend / Compare Government latest
Rockville State School Toowoomba 70 25 Trend / Compare Government latest
Harlaxton State School Toowoomba 68 18 Trend / Compare Government latest
Harristown State School Toowoomba 68 77 Trend / Compare Government latest
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