VCE High Scorers / Schools - 2014

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Find out 2014 VCE top achievers (study scores above 40) by student or school names. You can also find perfect subject scorers / schools here. Related: Schools sorted by the percentage or the number of entries of VCE high achievers | Schools sorted by the percentage or the number of high scorers by subjects. If you want to compare school's VCE results, see VCE School Ranking. For the results of other years, please visit School Ranking Home. There are a large range of factors that impact on academic results in addition to the role played by the school itself. These include the SES (Socio Economic Status) background of students, whether the school is selective in its student intake, etc. It is for the reader to do his own research and draw his or her own conclusions. If you continue to browse and use this website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by this DISCLAIMER.
  1. This is a Student Honour Roll by VCE study scores above 40. It's not a school ranking table. However, you can find the schools which have the most high-scorers and the best VCE subjects / courses by searching a school name in Search Box below (not the two filters with magnifiers).
  2. You can find more than 14000 VCE top achievers here using the Search Box. The students who didn't give permission to publish their scores are not included.
  3. IB results are not included. See the list of IB Schools; VCE Students - Number of students enrolled in at least one VCE unit at level 3-4.
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Given NameSurnameSubjectScoreSchool
JoshCooperFurther mathematics50 Apollo Bay P-12 College
ThomasCoyleIT Applications50 Aquinas College
EmmaSlavichVisual Communication Design50 Ave Maria College
TahliaSpanoHealth and Human Development50 Avila College
KendallEvansMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Bacchus Marsh Grammar
TaylorKearneyMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Baimbridge College Hamilton
ClaireMercerArt50 Ballarat Clarendon College
EllenRobertsonHealth and Human Development50 Ballarat Clarendon College
IsabellaCavalieriEnglish50 Ballarat Clarendon College
JohnKoernerIT Applications50 Ballarat Clarendon College
KristenHamHealth and Human Development50 Ballarat Clarendon College
MakaylaGrantFurther mathematics50 Ballarat Clarendon College
NicholasLiubinasFurther mathematics50 Ballarat Clarendon College
RileyMcgoldrickPsychology50 Ballarat Clarendon College
SarahRobinsonPsychology50 Ballarat Clarendon College
SarahRobinsonPhysical Education50 Ballarat Clarendon College
AafreenKhalidChemistry50 Ballarat Grammar
AlexanderChuaChemistry50 Ballarat Grammar
AlexanderChuaMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Ballarat Grammar
NishanthPathyEnglish Language50 Ballarat Grammar
PeterMorleySystems Engineering50 Ballarat Grammar
PollyannaGuthrieVisual Communication Design50 Ballarat Grammar
TatianaBriodyAgricultural And Horticultural Studies50 Ballarat Grammar
CassandraLaneEnglish50 Balwyn High School
CatherineTanEnglish (EAL)50 Balwyn High School
HoChanFurther mathematics50 Balwyn High School
IsabelleGanMusic Investigation50 Balwyn High School
JimmyFanBiology50 Balwyn High School
JingqiWangChemistry50 Balwyn High School
JingqiWangEnglish (EAL)50 Balwyn High School
JingqiWangSpecialist Mathematics50 Balwyn High School
JoelSpencerPhysical Education50 Balwyn High School
KarinaAguirreStudio Arts50 Balwyn High School
SarahMaislinger-BurdonBiology50 Balwyn High School
SharonIeongLegal Studies50 Balwyn High School
SinLamFurther mathematics50 Balwyn High School
ElizabethClarkeLegal Studies50 Bayside Christian College
TimothyLilleyLegal Studies50 Bayside P-12 College - Paisley Campus
GeorgiaReupert-AllenHealth and Human Development50 Belmont High School
ClaireMikaBusiness Management50 Bendigo Senior Secondary College
FeliciaPorschGerman50 Bendigo Senior Secondary College
LauraBrookesPsychology50 Bendigo Senior Secondary College
LitalWeizmanTexts and Traditions50 Beth Rivkah Ladies College
BenjaminKingstonEconomics50 Bialik College
BradlyCarpBiology50 Bialik College
DanielTepermanHealth and Human Development50 Bialik College
GabrielleHaymanEnglish50 Bialik College
MaxwellKormanEnglish50 Bialik College
MaxwellKormanFurther mathematics50 Bialik College
EmilyGrundyPsychology50 Billanook College Ltd
JessieTudorRevolutions50 Billanook College Ltd
JessieTudorLiterature50 Billanook College Ltd
MirandaPicknellPhilosophy50 Billanook College Ltd
AmeliaScanlanPsychology50 Box Hill High School
JuliaSkowronskaFurther mathematics50 Box Hill High School
LucaKennedyFurther mathematics50 Box Hill High School
DarcyCrockerBusiness Management50 Box Hill Senior Secondary College
NicholasYoungRevolutions50 Brauer College
NicholasYoungEnglish50 Brauer College
NorineMaPhysics50 Braybrook College
NorineMaChemistry50 Braybrook College
NurLokman-HuynhPsychology50 Braybrook College
CourtneyBeacomMedia50 Brentwood Secondary College
JulianPetrisPsychology50 Brentwood Secondary College
SamyukthaGaneshBiology50 Brentwood Secondary College
LloydHutsonAccounting50 Brighton Grammar School
LloydHutsonEconomics50 Brighton Grammar School
LloydHutsonEnglish50 Brighton Grammar School
AnthonyFongAccounting50 Brighton Secondary College
LucyPayneProduct Design And Technology50 Brunswick Secondary College
NicoleChiuchiarelliPsychology50 Buckley Park College
PoojaNairLegal Studies50 Buckley Park College
MarinaYuVisual Communication Design50 Camberwell Girls Grammar School
RebeccaOngChemistry50 Camberwell Girls Grammar School
RebeccaOngBiology50 Camberwell Girls Grammar School
RebeccaOngEnglish50 Camberwell Girls Grammar School
FraserWellsFurther mathematics50 Camberwell Grammar School
GarryZhuMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Camberwell Grammar School
HarrisonPurvesPhysics50 Camberwell Grammar School
HarrisonPurvesChemistry50 Camberwell Grammar School
JasonHuEnglish50 Camberwell Grammar School
JiaxiZhaoChemistry50 Camberwell Grammar School
JustinTuMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Camberwell Grammar School
PatrickLuSpecialist Mathematics50 Camberwell Grammar School
TerenceLauBiology50 Camberwell Grammar School
GeorgiaCowellEnglish Language50 Camberwell High School
JamesHayesFurther mathematics50 Camberwell High School
GeorginaO'MaraStudio Arts50 Canterbury Girls Secondary College
StaceyWhiteBusiness Management50 Canterbury Girls Secondary College
RolandAllenMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Carey Baptist Grammar School
ThomasEardleyLegal Studies50 Carey Baptist Grammar School
WilliamSlifirskiFurther mathematics50 Carey Baptist Grammar School
DylanJapeBiology50 Caroline Chisholm Catholic College
HelenTranFurther mathematics50 Caroline Chisholm Catholic College
StephenDegtiarevSystems Engineering50 Caroline Chisholm Catholic College
NikkiEdgarMusic Investigation50 Castlemaine Secondary College
AmySansonFurther mathematics50 Catholic College Bendigo
EmilyVerbeekHealth and Human Development50 Catholic College Bendigo
VictorForcadelaFurther mathematics50 Catholic College Sale
AndrewWainFurther mathematics50 Catholic College Wodonga
ElizabethHarrisEnglish50 Catholic College Wodonga
ElizabethHarrisAustralian Politics50 Catholic College Wodonga
ElizabethHarrisRevolutions50 Catholic College Wodonga
PercyMorphyFurther mathematics50 Catholic College Wodonga
SeemaDebPsychology50 Catholic College Wodonga
JennaMiloneHealth and Human Development50 Catholic Regional College Melton
RyanBrownBiology50 Catholic Regional College Melton
AlexRafanielloEnglish50 Caulfield Grammar School,ST KILDA EAST
AmeliaBerryEnglish50 Caulfield Grammar School,ST KILDA EAST
AmeliaKennedyEnglish50 Caulfield Grammar School,ST KILDA EAST
AthanXenosPhysics50 Caulfield Grammar School,ST KILDA EAST
ConnorMallonFurther mathematics50 Caulfield Grammar School,ST KILDA EAST
DingchenWenPhysics50 Caulfield Grammar School,ST KILDA EAST
GeorgiaSamuelEnglish50 Caulfield Grammar School,ST KILDA EAST
GiorgiaGalbinVCE VET Technical Production50 Caulfield Grammar School,ST KILDA EAST
MariaNomikoudisPhysical Education50 Caulfield Grammar School,ST KILDA EAST
MariaNomikoudisHealth and Human Development50 Caulfield Grammar School,ST KILDA EAST
RyanBrownlowLegal Studies50 Caulfield Grammar School,ST KILDA EAST
SamanthaAllenStudio Arts50 Caulfield Grammar School,ST KILDA EAST
TahliElsnerGlobal Politics50 Caulfield Grammar School,ST KILDA EAST
YingchenZhaoChinese (FL)50 Caulfield Grammar School,ST KILDA EAST
AbbeyJohnsonRevolutions50 Caulfield Grammar School,WHEELERS HILL
AbbeyJohnsonEnglish50 Caulfield Grammar School,WHEELERS HILL
DanielNickelsPhysics50 Caulfield Grammar School,WHEELERS HILL
HayleyWilsonHealth and Human Development50 Caulfield Grammar School,WHEELERS HILL
JerryMaoSpecialist Mathematics50 Caulfield Grammar School,WHEELERS HILL
KarrinKoseArt50 Caulfield Grammar School,WHEELERS HILL
KasunYakupitiyageGlobal Politics50 Caulfield Grammar School,WHEELERS HILL
MichaelDongFurther mathematics50 Caulfield Grammar School,WHEELERS HILL
SiTanStudio Arts50 Caulfield Grammar School,WHEELERS HILL
TeresaPhamFurther mathematics50 Caulfield Grammar School,WHEELERS HILL
TravisLooLegal Studies50 Caulfield Grammar School,WHEELERS HILL
TravisLooEnglish50 Caulfield Grammar School,WHEELERS HILL
JacobBushFurther mathematics50 Chairo Christian School
LucyStewartDance50 Cheryl Kaloger Brown School of Dance
DavidMcpheePhysical Education50 Christian College Waurn Ponds
JoshuaSmithPhysics50 Christian College Waurn Ponds
LenaRossoLegal Studies50 Christian College Waurn Ponds
RubyHarrisProduct Design And Technology50 Christian College Waurn Ponds
ClaireFitzgeraldOutdoor And Environmental Studies50 Clonard College
HannahPlumridgeOutdoor And Environmental Studies50 Covenant College
ShubhankarVajpayeeBusiness Management50 Doncaster Secondary College
KelseyHaymesBusiness Management50 Donvale Christian College
AshleyChowPhysical Education50 East Doncaster Secondary College
JacobMathewMedia50 East Doncaster Secondary College
KelseyMcgowanVCE VET Community Services50 East Doncaster Secondary College
SiuLokRevolutions50 East Doncaster Secondary College
KieraWoodOutdoor And Environmental Studies50 Elisabeth Murdoch College
RileySpadaroTheatre Studies50 Elisabeth Murdoch College
AlessandraPrunottoMusic Investigation50 Eltham High School
IsabellaMulhollandFurther mathematics50 Eltham High School
SunniHoltVCE VET Dance50 Eltham High School
AlexandraBircherVCE VET Dance50 Emmanuel College (Altona North)
MariaBanicaPhysical Education50 Emmanuel College (Altona North)
SophieO'DonnellBusiness Management50 Emmanuel College (Warrnambool)
AnnaWotherspoonLegal Studies50 Fintona Girls School
AnnaWotherspoonEnglish50 Fintona Girls School
ClarissaKweeEnglish50 Fintona Girls School
ShirleyTangAccounting50 Fintona Girls School
StellaQueLiterature50 Fintona Girls School
AmeliaO'NeillHealth and Human Development50 Firbank Grammar School
EvelynTurekPsychology50 Firbank Grammar School
GraceAndersonBusiness Management50 Firbank Grammar School
HannahMatthiessonHealth and Human Development50 Firbank Grammar School
IonaMillerPsychology50 Firbank Grammar School
LouisaHealyHealth and Human Development50 Firbank Grammar School
CaitlinLittleOutdoor And Environmental Studies50 Frankston High School - VCE Campus
DanielBenjaminEnglish50 Frankston High School - VCE Campus
DanielBenjaminBusiness Management50 Frankston High School - VCE Campus
EdwardGubbinsFurther mathematics50 Geelong Grammar School
LouisaChristieProduct Design And Technology50 Geelong Grammar School
SamuelFinckhFurther mathematics50 Geelong Grammar School
AnnaMcmeelHealth and Human Development50 Genazzano F.C.J. College
BridgetHollittBiology50 Genazzano F.C.J. College
CatherineFitzgeraldChemistry50 Genazzano F.C.J. College
PrueLescaiHealth and Human Development50 Genazzano F.C.J. College
TessHealyProduct Design And Technology50 Genazzano F.C.J. College
AlishaCostabileBiology50 Gilson College
AndrewMckinnonMusic Investigation50 Girton Grammar School Ltd
LeahHotkerSociology50 Girton Grammar School Ltd
LiamMurphyFurther mathematics50 Girton Grammar School Ltd
MichaelMayesFurther mathematics50 Girton Grammar School Ltd
RileyLukeOutdoor And Environmental Studies50 Girton Grammar School Ltd
SophieRhuleStudio Arts50 Girton Grammar School Ltd
ThomasDukeMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Girton Grammar School Ltd
ThomasDukeEnglish Language50 Girton Grammar School Ltd
ZoeDeedFurther mathematics50 Girton Grammar School Ltd
AbbeyDaltonLegal Studies50 Glen Waverley Secondary College
AndrewBlakeFurther mathematics50 Glen Waverley Secondary College
HannahZhuVisual Communication Design50 Glen Waverley Secondary College
HannahZhuEnglish (EAL)50 Glen Waverley Secondary College
Jaymee-LynSantos-AsscherPsychology50 Glen Waverley Secondary College
JessicaChungFurther mathematics50 Glen Waverley Secondary College
JosephineSilkinLiterature50 Glen Waverley Secondary College
KateDrummondChemistry50 Glen Waverley Secondary College
MareeSkalistisHealth and Human Development50 Glen Waverley Secondary College
SachinthaSenarathEnglish (EAL)50 Glen Waverley Secondary College
YunhanWangFurther mathematics50 Glen Waverley Secondary College
BorislavRakicFurther mathematics50 Gleneagles Secondary College
ClaraSellarsBusiness50 Glenvale School
ClaraSellarsVCE VET Business50 Glenvale School
HannahPattersonEconomics50 Goulburn Valley Grammar School
JingyiWangMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Haileybury Chengdu Shude High School
LingruiLuoPhysics50 Haileybury Chengdu Shude High School
AlexOngPhysics50 Haileybury College
BobZhuEnglish50 Haileybury College
DanielMusumeciMusic Investigation50 Haileybury College
GananRavindranAccounting50 Haileybury College
JackMunroBusiness Management50 Haileybury College
JordanHansenBusiness Management50 Haileybury College
KevinLeeFurther mathematics50 Haileybury College
MichaelNguyenEnglish50 Haileybury College
MichaelXingRevolutions50 Haileybury College
NicholasMroczkowskiMusic Investigation50 Haileybury College
ThomasMcleanPhysical Education50 Haileybury College
ThomasMcleanBiology50 Haileybury College
EnyaFerreiraEnglish50 Haileybury College (Girls)
JessicaConnorSociology50 Haileybury College (Girls)
JordanTochnerEnglish50 Haileybury College (Girls)
KatarinaDuttEnglish50 Haileybury College (Girls)
StephanieGanotisMusic Investigation50 Haileybury College (Girls)
YoustinaNanMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Haileybury College (Girls)
YuanZhuChinese (FL)50 Haileybury Li Hui High School
AntheaTalliopoulosFood and Technology50 Heathdale Christian College
GraceAshwinVCE VET Sport and Recreation50 Heathdale Christian College
JosephMalibiranVisual Communication Design50 Horsham College
SamAndersFurther mathematics50 Horsham College
ZaiaGorgesIT Applications50 Hume Central Secondary College - Town Park Campus
ChristopherGiagoudakisMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Huntingtower School
JaslynChiuEnglish (EAL)50 Huntingtower School
LanaYangFood and Technology50 Huntingtower School
PhilipChenDrama50 Huntingtower School
RichardCongFurther mathematics50 Huntingtower School
HannahMcconnellMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School
LeticiaPeartEnglish50 Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School
LiuZhangChinese (FL)50 Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School
BenjaminSummersFurther mathematics50 Ivanhoe Grammar School
LukasAnagnostouMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Ivanhoe Grammar School
NathanielSgambelloneEnglish50 Ivanhoe Grammar School
CalvinFletcherChemistry50 John Monash Science School
ChengXieChemistry50 John Monash Science School
GloriaTanSpecialist Mathematics50 John Monash Science School
JiaLeePhysics50 John Monash Science School
JackRowlinsonProduct Design And Technology50 John Paul College
JayeToddVCE VET Sport and Recreation50 Kambrya College
LeanneBruntonFurther mathematics50 Kardinia International College
SamWestonFurther mathematics50 Kardinia International College
NguyenLeMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Keilor Downs College
JackMcdonaldChemistry50 Kerang Technical High School
JakeBourkeVCE VET Engineering Studies50 Kerang Technical High School
DaraBouphasavanhPhysical Education50 Keysborough College,Banksia
VictoriaAinsworthGeography50 Kilvington Grammar School
MelaniWelsbyMusic Investigation50 Koo Wee Rup Secondary College
KatherineDohertyPsychology50 Koonung Secondary College
ElizaJanssenEnglish50 Korowa Anglican Girls' School
HuiyingWongEnglish50 Korowa Anglican Girls' School
JoelleTanChemistry50 Korowa Anglican Girls' School
JoelleTanBiology50 Korowa Anglican Girls' School
KathrynOliverPhysical Education50 Korowa Anglican Girls' School
AnnaPhilipPsychology50 Lauriston Girls' School
GeorgiaSinclairMedia50 Lauriston Girls' School
IsobelCaldwellEnglish50 Lauriston Girls' School
JulienneSooEnglish50 Lauriston Girls' School
KateMckenzieStudio Arts50 Lauriston Girls' School
OliviaFreemanLegal Studies50 Lauriston Girls' School
SaraThomsonEnglish50 Lauriston Girls' School
FrancescaBroomePhysical Education50 Loreto Mandeville Hall
LouisaMurrayBusiness Management50 Loreto Mandeville Hall
MariePapadopulosPsychology50 Loreto Mandeville Hall
RosalieColantuonoLegal Studies50 Loreto Mandeville Hall
EricaGillisFood and Technology50 Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School
ElenaFragapanePsychology50 Loyola College
EmilySandisonPhysical Education50 Luther College
EmilySandisonBusiness Management50 Luther College
GeorgiaRudderhamFood and Technology50 Luther College
JacintaOakleyVisual Communication Design50 Luther College
MegBennettPsychology50 Luther College
StephanieLovedayStudio Arts50 Luther College
AlexandraPhanBiology50 Macrobertson Girls High School
AliceJiangBiology50 Macrobertson Girls High School
AliceJiangLiterature50 Macrobertson Girls High School
AmyTungVisual Communication Design50 Macrobertson Girls High School
ChelseaMatleyChemistry50 Macrobertson Girls High School
EmilyPhaMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Macrobertson Girls High School
HienVuMusic Performance50 Macrobertson Girls High School
JenniferLeePsychology50 Macrobertson Girls High School
JennyZhengBiology50 Macrobertson Girls High School
JodieLynnPsychology50 Macrobertson Girls High School
KathyGanBiology50 Macrobertson Girls High School
KavyaKhatriBiology50 Macrobertson Girls High School
MaliniSivasaththivelBiology50 Macrobertson Girls High School
NatalieYuBiology50 Macrobertson Girls High School
NatalieYuEnglish Language50 Macrobertson Girls High School
PhoebeDingLiterature50 Macrobertson Girls High School
PriyankaKanumuriPsychology50 Macrobertson Girls High School
SimranRajpalBiology50 Macrobertson Girls High School
XinWangJapanese (SL)50 Macrobertson Girls High School
TimothyHumeFurther mathematics50 Mansfield Secondary College
DominicTottoEnglish50 Marcellin College
NathanChengRevolutions50 Marcellin College
KyleGriffinBiology50 Maribyrnong Secondary College
SarahFusinatoFurther mathematics50 Marist-Sion College,Warragul
MadeleineMeadePhysical Education50 Matthew Flinders Girls' Secondary College
JosephChigwiddenEnglish50 Mazenod College
MichaelTieVCE VET Engineering Studies50 Mazenod College
RobertTodescoReligion and Society50 Mazenod College
DafniSamuniEnglish (EAL)50 Mckinnon Secondary College
ElizaFischerBusiness Management50 Mckinnon Secondary College
ImmanuelChuahEnglish50 Mckinnon Secondary College
JasmineCohenPsychology50 Mckinnon Secondary College
MatthewFrostBusiness Management50 Mckinnon Secondary College
NicholasParkinsonChemistry50 Mckinnon Secondary College
NicholasParkinsonPhysical Education50 Mckinnon Secondary College
NicholasParkinsonEnglish50 Mckinnon Secondary College
SamuelDunnPsychology50 Mckinnon Secondary College
SandraZuoEnglish50 Mckinnon Secondary College
AlisonLookEnglish50 Melbourne Girls' College
CharleyLongstaffLegal Studies50 Melbourne Girls' College
AmyLuoMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Melbourne Girls Grammar
EmmaCrutchfieldPhysical Education50 Melbourne Girls Grammar
LucindaBlackshawChemistry50 Melbourne Girls Grammar
SarahOlney-FraserPsychology50 Melbourne Girls Grammar
SophieRobinsonClassical Studies50 Melbourne Girls Grammar
AlexanderEkkelEnglish50 Melbourne Grammar School
CharlesSummonsEnglish50 Melbourne Grammar School
ElleryForrestMedia50 Melbourne Grammar School
HanruZengEnglish50 Melbourne Grammar School
HenryStoreyPhilosophy50 Melbourne Grammar School
JohnMainlandEnglish50 Melbourne Grammar School
JohnZhuMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Melbourne Grammar School
JordanStonier-WatsonLegal Studies50 Melbourne Grammar School
LewisParsonsEnglish50 Melbourne Grammar School
LewisParsonsMedia50 Melbourne Grammar School
MatthewBowesPhilosophy50 Melbourne Grammar School
MelShuSpecialist Mathematics50 Melbourne Grammar School
WilliamChiangChemistry50 Melbourne Grammar School
AayushPatelMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Melbourne High School
AayushPatelChemistry50 Melbourne High School
AndrewWangMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Melbourne High School
BrendonDoMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Melbourne High School
CarlWangChemistry50 Melbourne High School
ChristopherZampognaEnglish50 Melbourne High School
ChristopherZampognaGeography50 Melbourne High School
ClancyMcleodMusic Investigation50 Melbourne High School
DanielYiiBusiness Management50 Melbourne High School
JackSheeEnglish50 Melbourne High School
JonathonPucarFrench50 Melbourne High School
JoshuaKhawEconomics50 Melbourne High School
LindsayRobinsonEnglish50 Melbourne High School
MatthewVanMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Melbourne High School
MayuranSritharanMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Melbourne High School
RexLeeEnglish50 Melbourne High School
RyanStewartMedia50 Melbourne High School
SamuelTuMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Melbourne High School
SamuelTuChemistry50 Melbourne High School
SimonYiMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Melbourne High School
ThomasBorlandEnglish50 Melbourne High School
TuTranEnglish50 Melbourne High School
WenLimBusiness Management50 Melbourne High School
YigengLiMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Melbourne High School
YunxuHeMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Melbourne High School
NadyaLazarevaPsychology50 Mentone Girls' Secondary College
RebeccaStandfieldLegal Studies50 Mentone Girls' Secondary College
GeorgiaHopkinsBusiness Management50 Mentone Grammar School
NatalieTaylorTexts and Traditions50 Mercy College
AditiRazdanEnglish50 Methodist Ladies College
AhilaNavaratnamVCE VET Music50 Methodist Ladies College
ClaireJohnsonLegal Studies50 Methodist Ladies College
ClaudiaGoodliffeFood and Technology50 Methodist Ladies College
EmilyFittFurther mathematics50 Methodist Ladies College
FreyaWillisEnglish50 Methodist Ladies College
GeorgiaHolstonVCE VET Sport and Recreation50 Methodist Ladies College
IsobelMoyVisual Communication Design50 Methodist Ladies College
IsobelMoyProduct Design And Technology50 Methodist Ladies College
MatildaDinnisonVCE VET Sport and Recreation50 Methodist Ladies College
MeganScolyer-GrayVCE VET Hospitality50 Methodist Ladies College
SarahRavindranMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Methodist Ladies College
Su-MingLeowMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Methodist Ladies College
ZiyanLuChinese (FL)50 Methodist Ladies College
AnushkaSharmaChemistry50 Mill Park Secondary College
YusufHassanBiology50 Minaret College
YusufHassanFurther mathematics50 Minaret College
TylerCarmeniIT Applications50 Mount Beauty Secondary College
LaurenTharlePhysical Education50 Mount Evelyn Christian School
SarahByrneBusiness Management50 Mount Lilydale Mercy College
AdamHaymanAccounting50 Mount Scopus Memorial College
BiancaWittnerEnglish50 Mount Scopus Memorial College
DanielShellEnglish50 Mount Scopus Memorial College
DarbyDexterReligion and Society50 Mount Scopus Memorial College
GideonCohenTheatre Studies50 Mount Scopus Memorial College
JamesMoshinskyEnglish50 Mount Scopus Memorial College
JoelTauberFurther mathematics50 Mount Scopus Memorial College
MichaelAlterAccounting50 Mount Scopus Memorial College
MichaelGruberReligion and Society50 Mount Scopus Memorial College
DarrenRajitEnglish (EAL)50 Mount Waverley Secondary College
VictorZhuChemistry50 Mount Waverley Secondary College
VictorZhuSpecialist Mathematics50 Mount Waverley Secondary College
ZhimingLianSpecialist Mathematics50 Mount Waverley Secondary College
ClaireHammondVisual Communication Design50 Nagle College
XiaofanChaiChinese (SL Advanced)50 New Chinese Language and Culture School
MorganRoneyBiology50 Newhaven College
MorganRoneyOutdoor And Environmental Studies50 Newhaven College
FloraCarboMusic Investigation50 Northcote High School
RichardYanEnglish50 Northcote High School
AeemanAyobiLegal Studies50 Nossal High School
AeemanAyobiPsychology50 Nossal High School
ChristopherNgoFurther mathematics50 Nossal High School
DulminiKotalawalaFurther mathematics50 Nossal High School
DulminiKotalawalaPsychology50 Nossal High School
FionaChenFrench50 Nossal High School
KrishnaSrilakshmananFurther mathematics50 Nossal High School
LarissaSchulzPsychology50 Nossal High School
ManoharMathiyalaganSoftware Development50 Nossal High School
NathanLaFurther mathematics50 Nossal High School
PatriciaBordosLegal Studies50 Nossal High School
RileyBairdFurther mathematics50 Nossal High School
SandeepaSuriyageBiology50 Nossal High School
HeidiMorganHealth and Human Development50 Nunawading Christian College
AlexanderKinross-SmithVCE VET Information Technology50 Oberon High School
SophiaPaikopoulosAccounting50 Our Lady of Mercy College
JasminaLieuBusiness Management50 Our Lady of Sacred Heart College
LauraMascittiHealth and Human Development50 Our Lady of Sion College
SarahMossFood and Technology50 Our Lady of Sion College
JasonPhamFurther mathematics50 Overnewton Anglican Community College
DylanNossekMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Oxley Christian College
RachelTwuyverFurther mathematics50 Oxley Christian College
KateMililliBiology50 Padua College
DanielBrennanFurther mathematics50 Parade College
BernardFieldPhysics50 Patterson River Secondary College
LanaCollinsHealth and Human Development50 Patterson River Secondary College
DanielWestellFurther mathematics50 Peninsula Grammar
DerekHeEconomics50 Peninsula Grammar
LeNguyenMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Peninsula Grammar
LydiaWaycottGeography50 Peninsula Grammar
MaiVoPhysics50 Peninsula Grammar
MinhPhanMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Peninsula Grammar
ArunSharmaEnglish50 Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School
CalvinKwokFurther mathematics50 Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School
ChristineJunEnglish50 Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School
JaredMccunnieAccounting50 Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School
JasonHuangFurther mathematics50 Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School
LukeO'CallaghanPhysical Education50 Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School
MadelynAttwoodEnglish50 Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School
MatthewSunChemistry50 Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School
MatthewSunEnglish50 Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School
RiJiangChemistry50 Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School
WenushJayakodyChemistry50 Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School
CarolineDehnEnglish50 Presbyterian Ladies' College
DannaYunMusic Performance50 Presbyterian Ladies' College
FreyaRichEnglish50 Presbyterian Ladies' College
HannahJoyceLegal Studies50 Presbyterian Ladies' College
LucindaJansonEnglish50 Presbyterian Ladies' College
SarahHenkes-YoungerArt50 Presbyterian Ladies' College
StaceyLoEnglish50 Presbyterian Ladies' College
TiffanyShihEnglish50 Presbyterian Ladies' College
TiffanyShihGlobal Politics50 Presbyterian Ladies' College
ZoeLinChinese (SL)50 Presbyterian Ladies' College
DamarisKeanLiterature50 Presentation College Windsor
CampbellMoorfieldFurther mathematics50 Princes Hill Secondary College
GabrielDwyerEnglish50 Princes Hill Secondary College
EvaJenkinsPsychology50 Ringwood Secondary College
AlexandraDellaportasAustralian History50 Rosebud Secondary College
HuyenNguyenStudio Arts50 Rosehill Secondary College
SamuelGohPhysics50 Rowville Secondary College
AnnDuEconomics50 Ruyton Girls' School
GillianLimArt50 Ruyton Girls' School
GillianLimEnglish50 Ruyton Girls' School
GraceNixMedia50 Ruyton Girls' School
JoannaCooksonRevolutions50 Ruyton Girls' School
KatieYangFrench50 Ruyton Girls' School
LauraAldousDrama50 Ruyton Girls' School
ShaliniPonnampalamEnglish50 Ruyton Girls' School
SangitaIyerEnglish50 Sacre Coeur
SangitaIyerBusiness Management50 Sacre Coeur
SangitaIyerAustralian History50 Sacre Coeur
VictoriaLeighAustralian History50 Sacre Coeur
EmmaVecoliStudio Arts50 Sacred Heart College,Newtown,VIC,3220
MadeleineO'CallaghanHealth and Human Development50 Sacred Heart College,Newtown,VIC,3220
MadeleineO'CallaghanGeography50 Sacred Heart College,Newtown,VIC,3220
MonikaStevanjaHealth and Human Development50 Sacred Heart College,Newtown,VIC,3220
ShannonDunnHealth and Human Development50 Sacred Heart College,Newtown,VIC,3220
ElissaLimogiannisFood and Technology50 Sacred Heart Girls' College Oakleigh
ElissaLimogiannisHealth and Human Development50 Sacred Heart Girls' College Oakleigh
JackiTutHealth and Human Development50 Sacred Heart Girls' College Oakleigh
JudyD'SouzaFurther mathematics50 Sacred Heart Girls' College Oakleigh
RhianneD'SouzaHealth and Human Development50 Sacred Heart Girls' College Oakleigh
LilyMatthewsHealth and Human Development50 Saint Ignatius College (Geelong)
MegHodgsonHealth and Human Development50 Saint Ignatius College (Geelong)
IslayPittawayFood and Technology50 Salesian College Sunbury
AlexanderRitterPhysics50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
AlexanderRitterSpecialist Mathematics50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
DavidAthanMusic Performance50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
DavidAthanEnglish50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
HamishMitchellLiterature50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
HarryCormackPhysical Education50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
KevinHuangEnglish50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
KevinWangSpecialist Mathematics50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
MichaelChenMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
MichaelMaoEnglish50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
MichaelMaoSpecialist Mathematics50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
NanZhangMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
PaulColmanEnglish50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
QuillanChanMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
RichardYanChemistry50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
RichardYanEnglish50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
RichardYanFrench50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
RichardYanSpecialist Mathematics50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
RichardYanPhysics50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
SamProiettoPhilosophy50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
SongWangEnglish (EAL)50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
ThomasBakerMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
TimYuMusic Performance50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
ZhengyangLiuLiterature50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
ZhengyangLiuPhysics50 Scotch College,Hawthorn
EmmaHaytonBusiness Management50 Shelford Girls' Grammar
JaneThompsonStudio Arts50 Shelford Girls' Grammar
LouiseWitherowAccounting50 Shelford Girls' Grammar
MeredithMurrayStudio Arts50 Shelford Girls' Grammar
RebeccaPonsfordPsychology50 Shelford Girls' Grammar
RebeccaPonsfordHealth and Human Development50 Shelford Girls' Grammar
RubyBalleriniDrama50 Shelford Girls' Grammar
PatrickHurstEnglish50 St Bede's College
JustinRousisItalian50 St Bernard's College
TaylaGutteridgePsychology50 St Brigid's College
TaylaGutteridgeFurther mathematics50 St Brigid's College
MatildaWalkerBusiness Management50 St Catherine's School
KienonGonsalvezBusiness Management50 St Francis Xavier College
PeterHalatChemistry50 St Francis Xavier College
GeorgiosMylonopoulosGreek50 St John's College
ChristopherRakFurther mathematics50 St Joseph's College,Ferntree Gully,VIC,3156
RileyScottFurther mathematics50 St Joseph's College,Ferntree Gully,VIC,3156
AndrewWebbEnglish50 St Kevin's College Toorak
AnthonyTranLegal Studies50 St Kevin's College Toorak
BenedictBurgessBusiness Management50 St Kevin's College Toorak
CharlesPriorEnglish50 St Kevin's College Toorak
ChristopherSklirosEnglish50 St Kevin's College Toorak
CoreyHoganFurther mathematics50 St Kevin's College Toorak
DanielHusseyEnglish50 St Kevin's College Toorak
IsaacLeesonPsychology50 St Kevin's College Toorak
JamesHuangLiterature50 St Kevin's College Toorak
JamesMacaronasLiterature50 St Kevin's College Toorak
JamesPapadopulosBusiness Management50 St Kevin's College Toorak
JamesPapadopulosLegal Studies50 St Kevin's College Toorak
JamesWalkerAccounting50 St Kevin's College Toorak
JohnHajekEnglish50 St Kevin's College Toorak
JosephMicallefRevolutions50 St Kevin's College Toorak
LiamFitzpatrickEnglish50 St Kevin's College Toorak
VictorChoyEnglish50 St Kevin's College Toorak
SophieWardRevolutions50 St Margarets School
FrankMobilioFurther mathematics50 St Mary Mackillop College
AlastairWengEnglish Language50 St Michael's Grammar School
BridgetteDunnLegal Studies50 St Michael's Grammar School
EllenBallBusiness Management50 St Michael's Grammar School
LindaTangBusiness Management50 St Monica's College
PatrickCollierFurther mathematics50 St Patrick's College
AlanBechazEnglish Language50 St Paul's Anglican Grammar School
AlanBechazLiterature50 St Paul's Anglican Grammar School
AliceZuzekEnglish50 Star of The Sea College
AnnaWittwerEnglish50 Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School
GabrielleEbelingEnglish50 Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School
JoyceLimEnglish50 Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School
MadelineHallettEnglish50 Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School
MeghanParryEnglish50 Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School
MichelleBeningtonGeography50 Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School
TessaPietschFrench50 Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School
TessaPietschRevolutions50 Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School
BethanyAlldayPhysical Education50 Strathmore Secondary College
EmilyNgoFurther mathematics50 Strathmore Secondary College
ErinCarrollFurther mathematics50 Strathmore Secondary College
JoelleThomasVisual Communication Design50 Strathmore Secondary College
ZihanYueChinese (FL)50 Strathmore Secondary College
VerityDuffieldLegal Studies50 Swan Hill College
CristinaNapoleoneMedia50 Swinburne Senior Secondary College
HaiTranVietnamese50 Taylors Senior College
AndrewGoldsackFurther mathematics50 The Geelong College
HenryBeaumont-KellyChemistry50 The Geelong College
HinWongFurther mathematics50 The Geelong College
WendyZhuPsychology50 The Geelong College
ZoeTripovichLiterature50 The Hamilton and Alexandra College
ZoeTripovichStudio Arts50 The Hamilton and Alexandra College
ZoeTripovichEnglish50 The Hamilton and Alexandra College
DanielKahanFurther mathematics50 The King David School,Armadale
HannahDukeReligion and Society50 The King David School,Armadale
AleksandarGrizeljJapanese (SL)50 The Melbourne International School of Japanese
GeorgieEdgertonHealth and Human Development50 Toorak College
PhilippaLennonMedia50 Toorak College
SarahBen-M'RadMedia50 Toorak College
SarahJacksonEnglish50 Toorak College
LukeMiragliaBusiness Management50 Trinity College Colac
CalumMcconvilleEnglish50 Trinity Grammar School
DavidVuEnglish50 Trinity Grammar School
HarryTibballsEnglish50 Trinity Grammar School
JeremyYipMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Trinity Grammar School
JeremyYipPhysics50 Trinity Grammar School
JonathanCooperEnglish50 Trinity Grammar School
JooParkFurther mathematics50 Trinity Grammar School
NicholasMillsIT Applications50 Trinity Grammar School
SiddharthGuptaLegal Studies50 Trinity Grammar School
TesseKimberBiology50 Trinity Grammar School
AdelineAntolisFurther mathematics50 University High School
DanielAucaruriFurther mathematics50 University High School
MichaelAzizagdamBiology50 University High School
RuiJinMathematical Methods (CAS)50 University High School
SarahScholzPsychology50 University High School
WeiJingPhysics50 University High School
AnthonySheppardVCE VET Dance50 Victorian College of The Arts Secondary School
ChaeyeonKimMusic Performance50 Victorian College of The Arts Secondary School
JessicaMorrisonMusic Investigation50 Victorian College of The Arts Secondary School
LouisaWeichmannMedia50 Victorian College of The Arts Secondary School
MatthewBradwellVCE VET Dance50 Victorian College of The Arts Secondary School
NoahDunlopVCE VET Dance50 Victorian College of The Arts Secondary School
CandiceDysonPhysical Education50 Viewbank College
MatthewWojczysLiterature50 Viewbank College
NicoleScullyEnglish50 Viewbank College
EmreAlpayFurther mathematics50 Virtual School Victoria
StephanieBarberAccounting50 Virtual School Victoria
VanessaNorthcottVCE VET Dance50 Virtual School Victoria
MariaVeresovaRussian50 VSL - Collingwood/Bentleigh/Mckinnon
CezarDobreRomanian50 VSL - Dandenong/Hampton Park/Beaconhills
TijanaAvramovskaMacedonian50 VSL - Thomastown/Lalor/Roxburgh Park/John Fawkner College
AnnikaHoffmannGerman50 VSL Distance Education
HarmanjotSinghChemistry50 Wanganui Park Secondary College
KatelynO'MearaChemistry50 Wangaratta High School
HadassahWallisVisual Communication Design50 Waverley Christian College
RanaSawiresPsychology50 Waverley Christian College
RichardKiingPhysics50 Waverley Christian College
RichardKiingMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Waverley Christian College
NicoleChongFurther mathematics50 Werribee Secondary College
MegDuncanEnglish50 Wesley College
StephanieJonesEnglish50 Wesley College
StephanieJonesLegal Studies50 Wesley College
MackenzieHeathIT Applications50 Wesley College,Glen Waverley
JamesPallasisMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Westbourne Grammar School - Hoppers Crossing Campus
JeevanHaikerwalRevolutions50 Westbourne Grammar School - Hoppers Crossing Campus
JeevanHaikerwalEnglish50 Westbourne Grammar School - Hoppers Crossing Campus
JulianVirgonaBusiness Management50 Whitefriars College
MarcusSwannMathematical Methods (CAS)50 Williamstown High School
NataliaSusnicaFurther mathematics50 Williamstown High School
RebeccaSherringtonFurther mathematics50 Woodleigh School
XavierTierneyEnglish50 Xavier College
XavierTierneyPhysics50 Xavier College
LilyShenChinese (SL)50 Xinjinshan Chinese Language and Culture School Inc
LachlanMcraePhysical Education50 Yarra Valley Grammar School
LiamSafeIndonesian Second Language50 Yarra Valley Grammar School
NitayaNicholsonFurther mathematics50 Yarra Valley Grammar School
YakirHavinFurther mathematics50 Yeshivah College

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