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St Narsai Assyrian Christian College, established in 2006, is a year 7-12 co-educational Christian independent College of the Holy Apostolic Assyrian Church of the East. At St Narsai, every student is supported and challenged by providing various learning experiences that will allow them to flourish. Your child’s journey will be unique as they will be provided with countless opportunities to self-discover their talents and passion, achieve success and build on their connection with their faith.


St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College offers the Mar Meelis Academic Scholarship to students IN Stage 4, 5 and 6.

The recipient of the Mar Meelis Scholarship is typically a student who will add to the life of St. Narsai College. All-round excellence will benchmark this student. Characteristically, this student will be a high academic achiever, with demonstrated strengths in several areas.


Extracurricular activities encourage students to fulfil their potential. St. Narsai offers an expansive suite of activities to support our students outside of the classroom. These opportunities help students make new friends, develop new interests, and deepen their social and intellectual growth.

Selective Stream

St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College offers a Selective Stream for Year 7 students.

The Selective Stream at St. Narsai Assyrian Christian College will enable the grouping of high ability or gifted students where an authentically rigorous program of learning can be offered.

Students will have the opportunity to engage in a rich and challenging curriculum designed to extend and enrich their literacy and numeracy skills as well as their deep-thinking and problem-solving skills.


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Address 217 Horsley Road, Horsley Park  NSW  2175


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