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#1 Posted : Sunday, February 5, 2017 9:50:03 AM(UTC)

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Formatting int to decimal, hex and binary in C#
1. Convert int to hex with leading zeros
Use i.ToString("X") or i.ToString("Xn") , ie. Xn, n represents number of hex digits. n can be problematically set, i.ToString("X" + n). In this way, int will be converted to hex with leading zeros if required.
see https://bettereducation.....aspx?g=posts&t=6499

2. Convert int to binary with leading zeros
Convert.ToString(7, 2).PadLeft(4, '0') // 0111
Convert.ToString(7, 2).PadLeft(8, '0') // 00000111

3. More example of Dn and Xn

int value = 160934;
int decimalLength = value.ToString("D").Length + 5;
int hexLength = value.ToString("X").Length + 5;
Console.WriteLine(value.ToString("D" + decimalLength.ToString()));
Console.WriteLine(value.ToString("X" + hexLength.ToString()));
The composite format string left-aligns the names in a 20-character field, and right-aligns their hours in a 5-character field. Note that the "N1" standard format string is also used to format the hours with one fractional digit.
Console.WriteLine("{0,-20} {1,5}\n", "Name", "Hours");
for (int ctr = 0; ctr < names.Length; ctr++)
Console.WriteLine("{0,-20} {1,5:N1}", names[ctr], hours[ctr]);

How to: Pad a Number with Leading Zeros

byte byteValue = 254;
short shortValue = 10342;
int intValue = 1023983;
long lngValue = 6985321;
ulong ulngValue = UInt64.MaxValue;
// Display integer values by calling the ToString method.
Console.WriteLine("{0,22} {1,22}", byteValue.ToString("D8"), byteValue.ToString("X8"));
Console.WriteLine("{0,22} {1,22}", shortValue.ToString("D8"), shortValue.ToString("X8"));
Console.WriteLine("{0,22} {1,22}", intValue.ToString("D8"), intValue.ToString("X8"));
Console.WriteLine("{0,22} {1,22}", lngValue.ToString("D8"), lngValue.ToString("X8"));
Console.WriteLine("{0,22} {1,22}", ulngValue.ToString("D8"), ulngValue.ToString("X8"));
// Display the same integer values by using composite formatting.
Console.WriteLine("{0,22:D8} {0,22:X8}", byteValue);
Console.WriteLine("{0,22:D8} {0,22:X8}", shortValue);
Console.WriteLine("{0,22:D8} {0,22:X8}", intValue);
Console.WriteLine("{0,22:D8} {0,22:X8}", lngValue);
Console.WriteLine("{0,22:D8} {0,22:X8}", ulngValue);

// The example displays the following output:
// 00000254 000000FE
// 00010342 00002866
// 01023983 000F9FEF
// 06985321 006A9669
// 18446744073709551615 FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
// 00000254 000000FE
// 00010342 00002866
// 01023983 000F9FEF
// 06985321 006A9669
// 18446744073709551615 FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
// 18446744073709551615 FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

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