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List of University Books Published by Pearson

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.Net programming
Erotic & nude photography
Organized crime
Ethnic studies
Paediatric nursing
Paralegals & paralegalism
PCs (IBM-compatible personal computers)
Advertising, marketing & sponsorship law
Fashion design & theory
Personal & public health
Alternative & renewable energy industries
Feminism & feminist theory
Personnel & human resources management
Analytical mechanics
Film production: technical & background skills
Petroleum technology
Ancient history: to c 500 CE
Film theory & criticism
Applied linguistics for ELT
Photographs: portraits
Assembly languages
Fire protection & safety
Playscripts (Children's / Teenage)
Assertiveness, motivation & self-esteem
First aid & paramedical services
Audiology & otology
Fluid mechanics
Police & security services
Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome
Food & beverage technology
Police law & police procedures
Automatic control engineering
Food manufacturing & related industries
Political leaders & leadership
Automotive (motor mechanic) skills
Forensic science
Politics & government
Bilingual & multilingual dictionaries
Genetics (non-medical)
Population & demography
Biology, life sciences
Pregnancy, birth & baby care
Budgeting & financial management
Hairdressing & salon skills
Pre-school & kindergarten
Business & management
Health & safety issues
Press & journalism
Business & management: study & revision guides
Health psychology
Business studies: general
Heating, lighting, ventilation
Probation services
Cakes, baking, icing & sugarcraft
History of the Americas
Procurement law
Hospital infections
Production & quality control management
Capital markets & securities law & regulation
Hospitality industry
Project management
Human growth & development
Property & real estate
Causes & prevention of crime
Human rights & civil liberties law
Psychiatric nursing
Chemical engineering
Industrial or vocational training
Public health & safety law
Child care & upbringing
Information technology industries
Public relations
Circuits & components
Insurance & actuarial studies
Purchasing & supply management
Cognitivism, cognitive theory
Interfaith relations
Quality Assurance (QA) & Total Quality Management (TQM)
Commercial law
International economic & trade law
Rating & valuation law
Company law
International finance
Reading skills
Competition law / Antitrust law
International trade
Religious issues & debates
Computer science
Internet searching
Retail sector
Constitution: government & the state
Investment & securities
Sales & marketing
Construction & engineering law
Landscape gardening
Sales & marketing management
Construction industry
Language acquisition
Secondary schools
Contract law
Language learning: audio-visual & multimedia
Small businesses & self-employed
Corporate finance
Language readers
Social & cultural anthropology, ethnography
Cosmetics technology
Language self-study texts
Social forecasting, future studies
Cost accounting
Social research & statistics
Counselling & advice services
Management accounting & bookkeeping
Social security & welfare law
Criminal investigation & detection
Management decision making
Social work
Criminal justice law
Management of specific areas
Criminal procedure
Management: leadership & motivation
Sociology: family & relationships
Curriculum planning & development
Market research
Software testing & verification
Customer services
Soil & rock mechanics
Dietetics & nutrition
Mathematical & statistical software
Soil science, sedimentology
Differential calculus & equations
Speech & language disorders & therapy
Disability: social aspects
Medical & healthcare law
Sport & leisure industries
Discrimination in employment law
Medical laboratory testing & techniques
Sport science, physical education
Drug & substance abuse: social aspects
Medical microbiology & virology
Sports psychology
Dynamics & statics
Memory improvement & thinking techniques
Study & learning skills: general
Ecological science, the Biosphere
Mental health services
Economic statistics
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Word
Teachers' classroom resources & material
Monetary economics
Technical writing
Educational: Biology
Natural language & machine translation
Technology, engineering, agriculture
Educational: Chemistry
Network management
Tool making
Educational: Design & technology
Tourism industry
Educational: English language: readers & reading schemes
Educational: English language: reading & writing skills
Nursing fundamentals & skills
Urban communities
Educational: History
Nursing management & leadership
WAP (wireless) technology
Educational: IT & computing, ICT
Nursing pharmacology
Wave mechanics (vibration & acoustics)
Educational: Mathematics & numeracy: times tables
Nursing research & theory
Educational: Personal, social & health education (PSHE)
Occupational health & safety law
Web services
Educational: Physics
Oceanography (seas)
Electronic devices & materials
Office management
Windows programming
Emergency services
Office systems & equipment
Women's health
Employment contracts
Online finance & investing
World atlases / world maps
Engineering measurement & calibration
Online shopping & auctions
Writing skills
Engines & power transmission
Writing systems, alphabets
English language teaching (ELT)
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