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Title: Vermeesch and Lindgren's Business Law of Australia, 12th Edition
ISBN: 9780409328172
Format: BC
Edition: 12
Authors: Lindgren
Pub. Date: 20110721
Publisher: Lexis Nexis Australia
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The author of the 12th edition of Vermeesch and Lindgren's Business Law of Australia is the Hon Kevin Lindgren QC, who retired in 2010 after 15 years as Judge of the Federal Court of Australia. Dr Lindgren is sole or joint author of 21 of the 31 chapters, and the authors of the remaining chapters are also leaders in their fields.

In addition to substantial revision and updating, the twelfth edition discusses in detail the following recent legislative developments which have changed in the face of business law in Australia:
- the Personal Property Securities Act 2009;
- the National consumer Credit Protection ACT 2009 and the associated National Credit Code; and
- the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and the associated Australian Consumer Law.

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Title: Voidable Transactions in Company Insolvency
ISBN: 9780409331707
Format: BB
Edition: 1
Authors: Assaf, Shields, Kincaid
Pub. Date: 20141128
Publisher: Lexis Nexis Australia
Availability: In_stock
RRP: $329.00
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Voidable Transactions in Company Insolvency written by Farid Assaf (Prinicipal Author and Concept Orginator), Brett Shields and Hilary Kincaid is a clear, thorough and practical work. This book guides practitioners through the complex voidable transaction provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and the myriad of cases dealing with voidable transactions.

All aspects of the voidable transaction provisions contained in Part 5.7 of the Corporations Act are discussed in meticulous detail while at the same time maintaining a practical outlook. In addition to chapters on various types of voidable transactions, there are individual chapters specially dedicated to practice and procedure in voidable transaction cases, the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) and cross-border insolvency aspects of voidable transactions.

Complete with checklists and precedents, Voidable Transactions in Company Insolvency is a must for the busy practitioner practising in insolvency law.


  • Scholarly and thorough exposition of subject matter
  • A single resource with a practical focus designed for the busy practitioner
  • Clear, concise and well written
  • Practical emphasis with the inclusion of checklists and precedents

Title: Victorian Statutory Compensation Schemes
ISBN: 9780409348637
Format: BC
Edition: 1
Authors: Taliadoros and Grant
Pub. Date: 20210528
Publisher: Lexis Nexis Australia
Availability: In_stock
RRP: $95.00
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Our Price: $80.75
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This important new work provides a comprehensive, logical, and structured approach to understanding the statutory framework governing both no-fault and common law entitlements under the key personal injuries compensation schemes in Victoria, namely the transport accident and workers’ compensation schemes. Additionally, it explains their interactions with other schemes and financial supports and addresses claims and dispute resolution mechanisms and topical issues in scheme practice and reform.

The clear structure and authoritative discussion and guidance make this an ideal reference for students, legal practitioners and dispute resolution practitioners, insurance claims managers, union officials and advisory services, human resources professionals and anyone working in the area of workers’ or transport accident compensation in government or industry.


• Clearly written to make complex information accessible
• Comprehensive coverage for relevance and depth
• Logical structure for easy navigation
• Covers both the transport accident legislation and the workers compensation schemes
• Authoritative authors provide reliable guidance

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