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Title: The Law of Liability Insurance, 3rd Edition - Volumes 1 and 2
ISBN: 9780409334098
Format: BB
Edition: 3
Authors: Derrington & Ashton
Pub. Date: 20131011
Publisher: Lexis Nexis Australia
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The Law of Liability Insurance addresses a specialist niche of law with comprehensive coverage of common law and statute. Liability insurance provides indemnity against loss to the insured flowing from their liability to another. Types of liability insurance discussed in this two volume work include: motor vehicle, product liability, directors' and officers', employers' liability, professional indemnity, householders' liability, home contents, occupiers' liability, aviation.

The Law of Liability Insurance is the decisive title covering the fundamental areas of insurance liability. This new edition has been substantially revised and updated. The area of insurance has changed significantly since the publication of the second edition in 2005. The authors' renowned expertise have woven these developments throughout the new edition and offer insightful analysis and vital references.

The purpose of The Law of Liability Insurance is to provide for practitioners and insurers a practical discussion of matters where controversy arises, and to provide the authorities upon which the discussion is based.

This review was first published in the Law Institute Journal Victoria 88.01, April 2014

This review was published in LawNews - February 28, 2014


• Comprehensive two volume
• High level practitioner work
• Detailed reference to authorities on subjects discussed, with commentary on their relevance and validity.
• References to articles by learned authors on specific issues.
• Extensive Index to contents

Title: Australian Insurance Law: A First Reference, 4th edition
ISBN: 9780409345490
Format: BC
Edition: 4
Authors: Pynt
Pub. Date: 20170904
Publisher: Lexis Nexis Australia
Availability: POD
RRP: $156.00
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Now in its fourth edition, Australian Insurance Law: A First Reference is a clear and concise treatment of general insurance law in Australia. It covers all the key concepts associated with general insurance law, including the unique insurance perspective on the duty of utmost good faith, conditions and warranties, causation, mitigation, subrogation and double insurance, and contribution. This text is a valuable resource for law and business students, as well as insurance lawyers and those in the wider insurance industry.


• A concise discussion of the principles of general Australian insurance law
• Insightful commentary explaining the fundamentals with references to relevant statute and case law
• Includes digital learning materials

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