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Title: Law and Popular Culture in Australia
ISBN: 9780409339284
Format: BC
Edition: 1
Authors: De Zwart, Richards & Le Mire
Pub. Date: 20150709
Publisher: Lexis Nexis Australia
Availability: POD
RRP: $128.00
Discount: 15%
Our Price: $108.80
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This book explores the rich relationship between law and popular culture. Already a burgeoning field of study in other jurisdictions, this book draws upon a uniquely Australian analysis of movies, television shows, music and books dealing with various aspects of the law and legal system.

It features contributions from Australian legal experts on their particular areas of expertise, including indigenous legal issues, international law, crime, business, medical negligence and surveillance. Each chapter contains an introduction to the law, analysis of key texts, guided discussion and further reading, which can form the basis of weekly classes or be read as an introduction to a more indepth consideration of the relevant laws.

Law and Popular Culture in Australia creates a solid foundation for the further exploration of the relationship of the law with the popular imagination of the society that sustains it, and provides readers with a new lens through which to analyse the successes and weaknesses of modern legal culture.


  • A unique Australian text prepared for Australian students
  • Designed specifically for coursework on law and popular culture
  • Includes representations of law in wide-ranging source media

Title: Defamation Law in Australia, 3rd edition
ISBN: 9780409345575
Format: BC
Edition: 3
Authors: George
Pub. Date: 20170814
Publisher: Lexis Nexis Australia
Availability: POD
RRP: $213.00
Discount: 15%
Our Price: $181.05
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Defamation Law in Australia commences with a colourful historical analysis of defamation action in England and Australia, before providing an in-depth commentary on the general underlying law, principles and concepts.

Following the introduction of the Defamation Act 2005 (Cth), defamation law is substantially uniform in Australia. The provisions of the Defamation Act are identified and explained, and important topics such as reputation and freedom of speech are explored.

This updated edition has been revised to reflect changes in legislation and case law, including an analysis of major decisions relating to publication on the internet, defences of truth and contextual truth, and awards of damages. It addresses developments in invasion of privacy law in Australia and explores topical issues such as disclosure of confidential sources and reform of the Defamation Act after more than 10 years operation.

The Defamation Act is fully reproduced as an Appendix, together with a Comparative Table of Defamation Statutes, contrasting previous legislation in each State and Territory with the uniform Act.


  • A practical, easy to read and engaging style
  • Commentary on basic concepts – reputation, privacy and freedom of speech
  • Historical anaylsis of defamation law
  • Appendix includes the Defamation Act and a comparative table of Defamation Statutes

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Title: Social Media and the Law, 3rd edition
ISBN: 9780409351408
Format: BC
Edition: 3
Authors: George et al
Pub. Date: 20200908
Publisher: Lexis Nexis Australia
Availability: In_stock
RRP: $176.00
Discount: 15%
Our Price: $149.60
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This book looks at how the most relevant areas of Australian law, and some analogous jurisdictions, are adapting across the areas of reputation, privacy, competition, intellectual property and employment. The sphere of enforcement is also considered, both from civil litigation and criminal prosecution points of view.


• Practical focus
• Expert author team
• Australia wide application

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