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List of Cambridge Higher Education & Trade Books

Find higher education, academic, professional and trade books published by Cambridge University Press - discount up to 10%, reduced shipping and handling charge for a bulk order.

Accident & emergency medicine
ELT: learning material & coursework
Aerospace & aviation technology
ELT: listening skills
Meteorology & climatology
ELT: speaking skills
Military history
ELT: specific skills
Military history: post WW2 conflicts
Analytical philosophy & Logical Positivism
ELT: teaching theory & methods
Molecular biology
Ancient history: to c 500 CE
ELT: writing skills
Animal behaviour
Epidemiology & medical statistics
Neurology & clinical neurophysiology
Equity & trusts
Applied linguistics for ELT
Ethical & social aspects of IT
Nurse/patient relationship
Applied mathematics
Ethics & moral philosophy
European history
Nursing & ancillary services
Asian history
Films, cinema
Nursing fundamentals & skills
Astronomical charts & atlases
Oceanography (seas)
Astronomy, space & time
First World War
General & world history
Atomic & molecular physics
Geology & the lithosphere
Personnel & human resources management
Australasian & Pacific history
Geriatric nursing
Biblical studies & exegesis
Grammar, syntax & morphology
Philosophy & theory of education
Biochemical engineering
Gynaecology & obstetrics
Philosophy of science
Biomedical engineering
Health systems & services
Philosophy: metaphysics & ontology
Botany & plant sciences
Historical geology
British & Irish history
Physiological & neuro-psychology, biopsychology
Business & management
History of art / art & design styles
Plant ecology
Business ethics & social responsibility
History of science
Political economy
Business strategy
History of the Americas
Political science & theory
Chemical engineering
History of Western philosophy
Politics & government
Child & developmental psychology
Human rights
Popular astronomy & space
Circuits & components
Humanistic psychology
Popular science
Classical history / classical civilisation
Probability & statistics
Classical mechanics
Immigration law
Cognition & cognitive psychology
Inclusive education / mainstreaming
Colonialism & imperialism
Intellectual property law
Community nursing
International business
Psychology of ageing
Company, commercial & competition law
International economic & trade law
Public international law
Comparative politics
International environmental law
Quantum physics (quantum mechanics & quantum field theory)
Competition law / Antitrust law
International human rights law
Real analysis, real variables
Computer networking & communications
International humanitarian law
Regional & national history
Constitution: government & the state
International law
Religious groups: social & cultural aspects
Constitutional & administrative law
International organisations & institutions
Russian Revolution
Cookery / food & drink etc
International relations
Sales & marketing
Corporate governance
Jurisprudence & general issues
Cost accounting
Jurisprudence & philosophy of law
Second World War
Creative writing & creative writing guides
Shakespeare plays
Crime & criminology
Language acquisition
Social issues & processes
Earth sciences
Language teaching & learning material & coursework
Social theory
Language: reference & general
Social work
Economic history
Society & social sciences
Laws of Specific jurisdictions
Economics, finance, business & management
Legal ethics & professional conduct
Legal skills & practice
Sociology & anthropology
Educational material
Life sciences: general issues
Sociology: family & relationships
Educational strategies & policy
Sociology: work & labour
Educational: English language: reading & writing skills
Literacy strategies
Solar system: the Sun & planets
Educational: English literature
Literary reference works
Educational: Geography
Literary studies: classical, early & medieval
Systems of law
Electronic devices & materials
Literary studies: fiction, novelists & prose writers
Teacher training
Electronics engineering
Literary studies: from c 1900 -
Teaching of a specific subject
ELT dictionaries & reference
Literary studies: general
Teaching skills & techniques
ELT examination practice tests
Literary theory
The arts: general issues
ELT graded readers
Literature & literary studies
The Cold War
ELT grammar
The environment
ELT grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation
Management & management techniques
The Holocaust
ELT literature & fiction readers
Marine biology
Urban & municipal planning
ELT non-book material & resources
Vietnam War
ELT self-study texts
Maths for engineers
ELT workbooks, practice books & exercises
Mechanical engineering & materials
Web programming
ELT: English for academic purposes
Media studies
Western philosophy: Ancient, to c 500
ELT: English for business
Medical & healthcare law
Writing & editing guides
ELT: English for specific purposes
Medical ethics & professional conduct
Zoology: Vertebrates
ELT: English for technical & scientific purposes
Medical imaging
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