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NSW Targeting Maths Year 3 Teaching Guide Australian Curriculum Editi on incorporates the feedback of hundreds of NSW teachers to deliver a co mprehensive teacher resource for the Year 3 Maths syllabus. This book is fully cross-referenced to the Year 3 Targeting Maths App, Rainforest Ma ths and Targeting Maths Lab, for multi-platform learning.

Key fea tures:

  • teaching guide to support the Year 3 Targeting Maths Student Book, including answers
  • aligned with Australian Curric ulum outcomes and the NSW syllabus
  • CD-ROM containing an interac tive PDF version of the Year 3 NSW Targeting Maths Student Book
  • problem-solving program to encourage students to think mathematically a nd improve problem solving abilities
  • term investigations allow students to plan and work through extended problems
  • includes mo re than 40 assessments
  • incorporates in-stage topic alignment fo r composite classes
  • fully cross-referenced to the Year 3 Target ing Maths App encouraging independent practise
  • Rainforest Maths on CD-ROM for interactive whiteboards
  • engaging full-colour pag es with real-life examples and full year planner

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