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Title: Equal Justice
ISBN: 9780674237568
Format: BB

Authors: Frederick Wilmot-Smith
Pub. Date: 20191008
Publisher: Wiley University
RRP: $68.95
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A philosophical and legal argument for equal access to good lawyers and other legal resources.

Should your risk of wrongful conviction depend on your wealth? We wouldn't dream of passing a law to that effect, but our legal system, which permits the rich to buy the best lawyers, enables wealth to affect legal outcomes. Clearly justice depends not only on the substance of laws but also on the system that administers them.

In Equal Justice, Frederick Wilmot-Smith offers an account of a topic neglected in theory and undermined in practice: justice in legal institutions. He argues that the benefits and burdens of legal systems should be shared equally and that divergences from equality must issue from a fair procedure. He also considers how the ideal of equal justice might be made a reality. Least controversially, legal resources must sometimes be granted to those who cannot afford them. More radically, we may need to rethink the centrality of the market to legal systems. Markets in legal resources entrench pre-existing inequalities, allocate injustice to those without means, and enable the rich to escape the law's demands. None of this can be justified. Many people think that markets in health care are unjust; it may be time to think of legal services in the same way.

Title: Equal Justice
ISBN: 9780198248750
Format: BB

Authors: Rakowski, Eric
Pub. Date: 19910905
Publisher: Oxford University Press
RRP: $210.00
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Title: Equal Justice
ISBN: 9780198240792
Format: BC

Authors: Rakowski, Eric
Pub. Date: 19930701
Publisher: Oxford University Press
RRP: $96.95
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The core of this book is a novel theory of distributive justice premised on the fundamental moral equality of persons. As well as considering the distribution of resources, property rights and the saving of life and providing challenging and unconven...

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