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Title: Deviance and Deviants
ISBN: 9781118604595
Format: BC

Authors: William E. Thompson Jennifer C. Gibbs
Pub. Date: 20160729
Publisher: Wiley University
RRP: $155.95
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This comprehensive and engaging textbook provides a fresh and sociologically-grounded examination of how deviance is constructed and defined and what it means to be classed a deviant.

  • Covers an array of deviances, including sexual, physical, mental, and criminal, as well as deviances often overlooked in the literature, such as elite deviance, cyber-deviance, and deviant occupations
  • Examines the popular notions and pseudoscientific explanations upon which the most pervasive myths surrounding deviance and deviants are founded
  • Features an analytical through-line assessing the complex and multifaceted relationship between deviance and the media
  • Enhanced with extensive pedagogical features, including a glossary of key terms, lists of specific learning outcomes in each chapter, and critical thinking questions designed to assess those outcomes
  • Comprehensive instructor ancillaries include PowerPoint slides, a test bank for each chapter, instructor outlines, and sample activities and projects; a student study guide also is available

For undergraduate courses in sociology and social work

Deviance, Conformity and Control has established itself as the authoritative Australian text for students of the sociology of deviance. The 4th edition introduces students to topical issues pertinent to current debates about Australian society and culture.

The central premise of the book is that ‘deviance’ remains an important and useful tool for analysing certain types of social interaction. The diversity of theoretical perspectives is explored, along with the connections between the social constructions of deviance and difference, and debates around the notion of the ‘death of deviance’.

Title: Deviance
ISBN: 9780520292376
Format: BC

Authors: Leon Anderson
Pub. Date: 20170822
Publisher: Wiley University
RRP: $124.95
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Deviance: Social Constructions and Blurred Boundaries draws on up-to-date scholarship across a wide spectrum of deviance categories, providing a symbolic interactionist analysis of the deviance process. The book addresses positivistic theories of deviant behavior within a description of the deviance process that encompasses the work of deviance claims-makers, rule-breakers, and social control agents.
  • are introduced to the sociology of deviance
  • learn to analyze several kinds of criminal deviance that involve unwilling victims—such as murder, rape, street-level property crime, and white-collar crime
  • learn to examine several categories of “lifestyle” and “status” deviance
  • develop skills for critical analysis of criminal justice and social policies
Overall, students gain an understanding of the sociology of deviance through cross-cultural comparisons, historical overview of deviance in the U.S., and up-close analysis of the lived experience of those who are labeled deviant as well as responses to them in the U.S. today.

Instructor Resources are available to easily help with lecture and exam preparation. 

Title: Deviance and Social Control
ISBN: 9780195553017
Format: BC

Authors: Marshall, Helen Douglas, Kathy McDonnell, Desmond
Pub. Date: 20061101
Publisher: Oxford University Press
RRP: $56.95
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This text examines the bizarre and the everyday behaviours that some sociologists have labelled ‘deviance'. It outlines the history of sociological thought on deviance and engages with the debate about the ‘death of deviance'. The authors argue it is more useful to talk about rules and rule-breakers than deviance, and relate these ideas to our professional lives, where the idea of deviance continues to be important. Key issues examined Drugs Bodies Sexuality, including paedophilia and female sexual dysfunction Sanity and madness Law, justice and the prison system Terrorism, state crime and cyber-crime Feminism and post-modernism Theories of deviance from outside and within sociology Designed to aid learning By using topical examples of deviance and social control that students will recognise and connect with, the authors ensure students will engage with the theoretical concepts. Case studies and student exercises enable students to reflect further on their understandings.  
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