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Tutor Age Band50-59
Years of Experience10
QualificationBA BComm DipEd Dip Accounting
Address10a/3 Grafton Crescent
SuburbDee Why
Post Code2099
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Phone (Mobile) 0412788917
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Tutor Ad Clover Economics Tuition I can tutor first year economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, and first year statistics. To Parents, I have worked as a Teacher (relief), and can tutor your child in Yr 11 and 12 Economics. My working with children check no is WCC0969300E, expiry 11/4/2021, DOB 29/8/1967, and full name Stephen Michael Mak which can be verified on the Service NSW website. Goals of Clover Economics Tuition Explain economic theory,including the terms and jargon, then link the concepts and finally understand the flows and linkages in economic theory; for example, lower interest rates causes higher investment, and higher economic growth. Explain charts and diagrams, and how to draw diagrams We can work through problems and check solutions from text books and past papers. I can tutor on topics in sub topics, below. Macroeconomics: unemployment, inflation, monetary and fiscal policy, economic growth, the business cycle and aggregate demand, Mundell Fleming Model IS LM BP, balance of payments, and development economics Microeconomics: markets, isoquants, indifference curves,supply and demand, firms market structures, externalities, derived demand, and the labour market First Year Statistics: confidence intervals, hypothesis testing (z tests, t tests, p values), and multiple regression. In addition, I can tutor in compulsory financial accounting topics in general journal, general ledger, to financial statements and most sub topics of introductory accounting subjects. I also academic writing skills which can assist you in assignment writing. I have a complete and comprehensive set of summary notes for : second year Macroeconomics, second year Microeconomics, first year Economics Statistics, and Yr 12 Economics, and accounting which I can email to students on the completion of the first tutorial, these are very useful, informative notes which will enhance your understanding of the subject. SUMMARY NOTES ARE AVAILABLE TO STUDENTS AFTER THE FIRST TUTE TO ASSIST YOUR EXAM PREPARATION!! Clover Economics Tuition I am a graduate of the BA BComm Dip Ed Advanced Diploma of Accounting. I hope to hear from you soon about economics tutoring, regards Stephen Mak mob 0412788917