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Tutor Age Band40-49
Years of Experience29
QualificationPhD in Sociology, Flinders University
Address4 Sun Valley Drive
Post Code5052
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Phone (Mobile) 0433 354 383
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I am available for editing, tutoring and academic guidance via email and Skype, and face-to-face if necessary for those of you who live in Adelaide. I offer a tailored program based on your needs in any of the following areas of study: - High school level: Year11/12 Research Project - University level: Sociology, Politics, Globalisation, Criminology, Public Health, History, Latin American Studies, GAMSAT and General Essay Writing In addition, I offer guidance for students doing PhD, Masters and Honours research theses. If you are not getting the supervision you need, just call me and I will provide guidance. I love teaching as I really enjoy it when students are able to piece things together for themselves while being guided. My view is that a good teacher should inspire students to become independent learners who will eventually be able to find their own way to knowledge. In the meantime, the right guidance is essential in order to gain this skill set. Experience I have taught and tutored on and off for the last 29 years both overseas in Turkey, Italy and Australia. I have also taught Aboriginal students in the Northern Territory. I have a PhD in Sociology and have taught Sociology, Politics, Globalisation, Criminology, Public Health, Latin American Studies, and English Language at the university level. I have also taught English as a Second Language on and off since 1993. Finally, I have taught the Year 6 and 7 Northern Territory curriculum in English, Social Studies and History. Qualifications Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Latin American Studies, Flinders University Honours in Sociology, Flinders University PhD in Sociology, Flinders University