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Years of Experience2
SuburbAlexander Heights
Post Code6064
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I currently offer tutoring for the following subjects: - Economic 2A & 2B - Economics 3A & 3B - Accounting & Finance 2A & 2B - Accounting & Finance 3A& 3B - Business Management & Enterprise 2A & 2B - Business Management & Enterprise 3A & 3B - Mathematics 2C & 2D - Mathematics 3A & 3B Experience My tutoring experiences come from helping my peers at school and online for the past 2 year. Many people in my class have understood concepts far more clearly because of my simple analogies and use of business terminology. I speak from a student perspective rather than a teachers perspective. Not only are my students gaining knowledge in the field that they are studying, but they are also understanding how certain concepts can be applied to reality. Also in 2012 I achieved an ATAR result of 96.15% which provides proof that if i tutor you or your child they will significantly improve in their grades givin sufficient time. Qualifications - Accounting & Finance 2A Academic Award - Accounting & Finanace 2B Academic Award - Accounting & Finance 3A Academic Award - Accounting & Finance 3B Academic Award - Academic Excellence in Accounting & Finance 2AB - Academic Excellence in Accounnting & Finance 3AB - The Institute of Chartered Accountants Most Outstanding Accounting Student Award 2012 - Business Management & Enterprise 2A Academic Award - Business Management 3A Academic Award - Academic Excellence in Business Management & Enterprise 3AB - Mathematics 3A Academic Award - ECU Business & Law Award - Grant Thornton Accounting Prize - Colours Award in the Areas of Technology & Enterprise - Honours in the Areas of Technology & Enterprise