Tutor Julia Nirchberg

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Tutor Age Band10-19
Years of Experience20
QualificationB.App.Sci. Hons (Psych.)
PositionFounder and principal expert at Academic Pathways
Address4 Allambie Drive
Post Code3095
Phone (After Hours)
Phone (Mobile) 0415197073
Phone (Office Hours) 0394390569
EMail 1 Email Me
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Website https://academicpathways.com.au/?ty...
Julia Nirchberg, B.App.Sci. (Psych.) is an experienced behavioural therapist, social worker and a teacher. Julia specialises in working with children with learning difficulties. Julia believes that early literacy skills, such as reading, spelling and numeracy, can be achieved for every child who attends her unique practice. Time and time again, she is delighted to see her students reach their full potential, where most other services had already failed them. Dozens of Julia’s students were able to develop advanced literacy skills placing them ahead of their peers. Julia’s literacy and numeracy tutoring sessions are delivered in a sequential form, allowing the student to acquire new skills in a consistent and predictable manner. Programs address literacy and numeracy difficulties unique to each individual and also address strategies for teachers and parents to help the student learn at school and at home. Julia’s remedial programs draw on a range of behavioural therapies targeting a child’s emotional well-being and motivation to learn.