Tutor Caroline Spaggiari

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Tutor Age Band20-29
Years of Experience8
QualificationBComm Accounting (with honours) - Qualified chartered accountant - Blue Card certified
Post Code4301
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Phone (Mobile) 0435511457
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Experience: I have a passion for helping students improve their marks > I have been providing private tutoring services over the last 8 years to majority high school students > I specialise in mathematics, accounting and business studies A number of factors need to be considered for private tuition to be successful: * the student should be assessed in the initial appointment to identify areas where they are struggling; * often, key fundamental basics are missing which lead to problems in the overall understanding of the subject; * the tutor needs to be results-driven and passionate about seeing success in their students; * the tuition needs to follow a personal approach with an interest taken in the individual student - which is why I prefer to conduct one-on-one sessions I aim to ensure that you walk away with the following results: * improvement in understanding of the syllabus and underlying basics of the subject; * improvement in results; * increase in your confidence and self-esteem; * a new enthusiasm and drive towards subjects you may previously have hated (I aim to change your perception with the potential of the subject becoming one of your favourite - if you choose); * to leave you with the ability to coach and help others in the future who are struggling in the very areas you were I am passionate about seeing students thrive, overcome and excel in areas they often believe they cannot. I also like to keep up a relationship with my students, even after the sessions are complete to hear about their success and achievements in the future.