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Tutor Age BandNot Specified
Years of Experience3
QualificationBachelor's degree of arts
Post Code2614
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I really love teaching ESL and working with people of other cultures. I have approximately three years ESL experience. My teaching experience started at university when I tutored a group of Iraqi men and three Bosnian refugee children. I next taught in Korea for eight months at the Single Way Education Center in Icheon City and at J & D Elite Academy in Bundang. In Icheon I used the Let's Go English Curriculum and in Bundang used American textbooks focusing on American history, geography, and science while using mind maps and oral presentations each class. Once back in the States I taught a one month class to a group of thirty Korean youth using a basic step-by-step curriculum I developed myself. Last I taught to class of Mexican and Vietnamese mothers the basic first steps of conversational English. Besides teaching ESL I have experience tutoring, teaching, and being a mentor for youth and adults in other educational subjects like social studies, math, and history. I have a bachelor's degree of arts in social work which I graduated with honors in 2001. I am currently researching programs in how to get my TESOL diploma or my master's in ESL.