Minimum Entry Scores of WA Selective High Schools

The minimum scores for entry to WA selective secondary schools

Find the best select public high schools in WA or Perth by minimum entry score. Note that the columns are sortable.

Albany Senior High School      210
Alkimos College      210
Bunbury Senior High School 210.62210210210210210
Bob Hawke College    229.55231.61234.65
Carine Senior High School    218.34221.26221.42
Comet Bay College 210210210210210210
Duncraig Senior High School 216.98222.3229.47219.73217.73220.76
Ellenbrook Secondary College     210210
Fremantle College  210210210210210
Governor Stirling Senior High School 210210210210210210
Harrisdale Senior High School     220.26222.17
Kelmscott Senior High School 210.43210210210210210
Melville Senior High School 213.64217.73218.25219.88216217.68
Perth Modern School 233.86237237.78240.13240.06242.61
Shenton College 226.66229.28230.42230.43228.22232.69
Willetton Senior High School 226.15228.25229.27228.88227.78231.91
Selective Academic Program Online (country students only) 210210210210210210
Mount Lawley Senior High School 210210210210210210
Rossmoyne Senior High School 220220220225225227

Source: WA Department of Education website

All students applying for Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Programs (GATE) must sit the same Academic Selective Entrance Test (ASET). So GATE is a program while ASET is a test format.

These Gifted and Talented academic, arts and languages programs are available at 24 select public secondary schools including:

  • new academic programs at Ellenbrook Secondary College, Harrisdale Senior High School, Albany Senior High School and Alkimos College
  • a fully selective academic school, Perth Modern School is the only one.
  • a selective arts college
  • two regional schools
  • an online academic program for country students

The selection process starts when students are in Year 5, testing in Year 6, with placement starting from Year 7.

  1. The West Australian reports that the ‘Education Department figures show the overall number of students applying for places in gifted programs has soared 30% in just four years, from 3631 to 4756’. In 2021, more than 5500 students in Years 6, 8, 9 and 10 completed the ASET.
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  3. Past test papers.
    With a subscription (recurring or one-off, minimum one-month in total) for our premium content or features, additionally you can request 3 or more past papers or practice questions for individual use only, depending on your subscription, if available. Note that only sample questions or practice tests are available to selective schools and scholarship tests.
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