Willoughby Girls High School

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NSW Willoughby Girls High School 7-12 1934803Northern Sydney Feature

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Phone 02 9958 4141     
Address Mowbray Rd, Northern Sydney  NSW  2068
Web Site www.willoughbg-h.schools.nsw.edu.au
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Academic Results
Achievements in recent years, particularly in the Higher School Certificate, have attested to the school's success in academic areas.
- Outstanding Higher School Certificate (HSC) results, ranking WGHS among the top schools in the state
- High percentages of students scoring 90 or more on the University Admission Index (UAI)
- Over 70% of students gaining entry to university and between 20% and 30% to other tertiary institutions
- Many students recognised on the HSC Merit List for attaining course placements in the state
- Impressive standards on state literacy measures, leading to the Director-General's Award for Literacy Program
- Extension classes throughout the years in English, Mathematics and Science
- Excellent results in local, state and national competitions, with many opportunities for gifted and talented students.

2007 HSC Highlights
In 2007 there were 93 listings (credits) of 90 or more being scored across courses, ranking WGHS equal first in the state amongst comprehensive government schools and within the top 60 schools in NSW. Willoughby GHS was cited in the state media as a "star performer ... which beat high-fee independents (private schools)". In Mathematics, 20 credits were attained and in English 11. Courses with credits included Mathematics Extension 1, English Advanced, Legal Studies, Modern History, Society & Culture, Biology, Food Technology, Mathematics, Visual Arts, Japanese Continuers, Chemistry, English Extension 2, Mathematics Extension 2, Physics, Textiles & Design, Ancient History, Mathematics General, History Extension, Personal Development/Health/Physical Education, Japanese Extension, Business Studies, Music 1, Hindi and Persian. Over 25% of students gained a University Admission Index (UAI) of 90 or more. The highest UAI was 99.5. One student qualified for the prestigious top all-rounders list scoring 90 or more in all 10 HSC units.

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