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Address Little Yarra Road, Yarra Junction  VIC  3797
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Wide Curriculum Choices

UYSC offers a wide range of academic subjects, leading into tertiary education. We also recognise that many students prefer a curriculum with a practical or vocational focus.

In years 8 and 9, students follow their areas of interest by selecting from a range of electives tied into the major areas of the Arts, Physical (Outdoor) Education, Technology, LOTE, SOSE (Marine Biology) and Science (Forensic).

This leads them into an extensive subject selection in years 10 to 12 including traditional VCE as well as TAFE courses, Vocational Education Training (VET) and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) studies. UYSC now offers School-based Apprenticeships.

5 Star Club

In all schools there are talented, gifted and highly creative students. These students need extra intellectual stimulation. We have created the ‘5 Star Club’ where students who qualify to join, meet, both in and out of school hours, to share their experiences and interests with like-minded friends.

A structured program is provided to encourage, challenge and extend our gifted, talented and highly creative students. The program is closely monitored by facilitating teachers.

Our 5 Star Club is presently developing links with the districts primary schools to share our activities with gifted, talented and highly creative primary students.

Sport and Outdoor Education

UYSC offers students a wide selection of sporting and outdoor education programs with many successful teams competing against metropolitan schools. Sports include: football, cricket, badminton, athletics, swimming and volleyball.

The Outdoor Education curriculum includes an annual camps program, excursions and a variety of physical activities calculated to develop an understanding of the relationships humans have with the outdoor environment.

Visual & Performing Arts

UYSC is proud of its outstanding record in the visual arts, including graphic design, painting, ceramics and studio arts using diverse media.

The exciting and popular Performing Arts program encompasses drama, language and stage performance. Media Studies enables students to develop 21st century communication skills based on an understanding of the operation of the media, it’s techniques and the use of up-to-date communication technologies.


At UYSC students can choose to study either German or Japanese as part of our LOTE (Languages Other Than English) program.

We operate a unique German Bilingual Program, which enables students to study a number of subjects other than German, in the German language. German language students have the opportunity to participate in a reciprocal exchange program with our sister German school.

We also have a Japanese sister school and exchanges take place between groups of students. We also have a sister school in Thailand and conduct exchange visits annually for interested students. We believe that an overseas experience has the effect of accelerating the growth of our students’ social skills, confidence and maturity.

Music Program

If your child has an interest in music, UYSC has a music program to meet their needs. Concert Bands, Wind Symphony, Jazz Bands, other instrumental ensembles and a choir incorporates students from as early as years 5 and 6.

Music students participate in public performances, competitions and tours. UYSC bands have received a number of awards. The band program activities are supported by strong parent involvement from the ‘Friends of Music’. Practice camps, public performances, workshops with Victorian and Interstate schools and a tour are all part of the music program.

There is an expectation that the older, more expert music students, mentor the younger students.

Former UYSC students conduct regular ensemble practices and performances with past students wishing to maintain contact with former band colleagues. Past students also support current students as tutors and mentors on a voluntary basis. Former students wishing to participate can contact Nathan Elbourne through the school.

Science & Technology

Scientific knowledge and an understanding of technological change are essential elements in today’s world of education. UYSC operates an exciting Science & Technology Centre described as being ‘the best in the eastern suburbs.’

The college has been a leader in the Science in Schools project, a program designed to promote science, and conducts a Young Environmental Protectors Club which takes students into the community to help protect and enhance the natural environment.

The college’s Reptile Program offers students the chance to be part of our Snake Crew where students learn the safe handling and appropriate care of snakes and other reptiles. The skills are shared with the local primary schools.

At A Glance. . .

Upper Yarra Secondary College is proud to be a member of the Yarra Valley eLearning Community. This project provides UYSC with the technology to share education resources via the internet, incorporate IT into the classroom environment, and provide financial assistance for families to connect to the internet.

We believe reading, writing and mathematics will always be important in education and this exciting technology can be used as a vital tool to help students better engage with these fundamental building blocks. Knowing how to use technology also forms part of the skill set students need for life in the 21st century.

21st Century Learning

Upper Yarra Secondary College (UYSC) provides students with an exciting and interesting array of study and co-curricula opportunities. We want our students to ‘aim high and achieve individual excellence’. As a member of the Yarra Valley eLearning Community our students are supported by web-based learning access, electronic whiteboards and large plasma screens in some class­rooms.

Our excellent facilities include:

- a Science and Technology Centre
- a Performing Arts Centre, Creative Arts Centre
- a well-equipped Information and Technology Centre
- a VCE Students Centre
- a Year 7 Centre
- a Gymnasium
- a LOTE Centre

wireless and cable computer net­working to all classrooms

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