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McDonald College - the perfect school for a creative child

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Address 30 Racecourse Road, Sunbury  VIC  3429
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Students at Sunbury College are well prepared for the challenges of a rich and engaging curriculum and thrive on the co-curricular opportunities provided by our sport, leadership and performing arts programs. Expectations for our students are high. A wide and innovative educational perspective encouages students to discover and purse how their individual interests can be fulfilled and equips them with the breadth of outlook and essential learning skills they will need to successfully shape their futures in a rapidly changing global community.

The college has a distinctive uniform policy, a strong code of conduct and clear expections that all students display cooperation, trust, tolerance and repect for self and others. In this postive environment, students develop strong constructive relationships with staff and each other to produce a sense of belonging and self confidence which is reflected in their high standard of work.

Sunbury students graduate as responsible and resillient young adults, having made life long friends and ready to succeed in a world beyond school.

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