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All that we do at Scoresby Secondary College - our learning and behaviour - is shaped by our Vision and Values statements. Behaviours that support both the vision and values have been identified and included in the Charter Codes of Practice and School Rules after widespread consultation with all sectors of the college community: staff, students and parents.

At Scoresby Secondary College we are committed to providing an outstanding school for our community. A school that excels in good teaching, the best of facilities, and a learning environment that allows students to become resilient, assertive, discerning about the pressures of a challenging peer culture, and competent learners in an increasingly knowledge-based technological world.

We are committed to looking after our students in all possible ways, to nurture in them a genuine passion for learning and participation, to expand their opportunities for lifelong success and satisfaction, and to empower them to make good life choices.


In order to move towards our college vision, the energies and resources of the college are focused on student learning and achievement. This is done through a concentration on effective delivery of relevant and challenging programs and on the development of a whole school learning culture, which supports and encourages continuous improvement. The college takes pride in providing a high quality education for its surrounding community. We emphasise a values-based context for enhancing individual talents and ambitions and create a friendly and supportive environment for learning. The college is organized into three Sub Schools: Senior, Middle and Junior. Special programs challenge high-achieving Year 7 and Year 8 students and advanced VCE placement attracts top-performers in Year 10 and Year 11.

The school offers a comprehensive curriculum to all year levels operating on a 15-day timetable. A wide VCE program provides senior students with academic rigour and challenge. LOTE (French) through to VCE and individual career pathways through VCAL, Vocational Education and Training - Sport and Recreation, and an extensive local cluster vocational education program, and TAFE links are features of the senior curriculum.

The College initiates and responds to exciting and necessary educational changes and challenges with enthusiasm. The momentum to accept and be part of positive change is growing steadily and a team of committed staff is leading a data-driven self-assessment of the school and linking it to the implementation of a Performance and Development Culture of annual reviews of staff and processes.

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