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Roxburgh College is a Year 7 to 12 co-educational secondary college that opened at the new Roxburgh Park site in February 2003. The school is built on a dedicated site set aside by VicUrban with Roxburgh Park Primary School on the adjacent block. The building program was completed in 2005 and the college was finally established on the one site. This followed two years of the college operating as a multi-campus college (with Senior School students at the Upfield site). The total number of students enrolled at the college has increased dramatically over the past three years. DE&T surveys and projections estimate that student enrolments will continue to increase in the next two years with a predicted enrolment of 1500 by 2008 as the Roxburgh Park community continues to expand.

The student population in 2006 is 1290 with a predicted enrolment of 1380 in 2007 . The college represents a diverse and multicultural community. Approximately 65% of our students are recipients of EMA and about 79% come from families where a language other than English is spoken at home. There are 35 different languages represented and 15% of the students were born overseas. The college is proud of its strong relationship with its multicultural community and celebrated its diversity through Harmony Day activities in 2005. The like school category is LSG 9.

In 2006, the college has 130 staff members including teaching and non-teaching staff. We have a good mix of experienced and younger staff. Many of our teachers taught at Upfield Secondary College before the relocation to Roxburgh Park and bring strong experience in teaching in northern suburban schools. Because of the strong growth in our student population, we have also been able to recruit a large number of new teachers, many of whom are in the early years of their career. This has provided lots of enthusiasm and new ideas to the school. We have established a strong mentoring and induction program.

The college values the input of parents. The Turkish parents group operate effectively with the support of our Turkish Multicultural Ethnic Aide with regular meetings each term. The parent events such as Year Level BBQs, Parent Information Nights, parent teacher interviews and Awards Evenings are well supported by parents of students at the college.

The parent opinion survey results indicate a high level of general satisfaction with the college. The college is making efforts to further improve these results by conducting a series of parent focus groups in 2006 to obtain more in-depth responses. Feedback from focus groups will be used to identify strategies to improve parents' satisfaction.

The current college charter was signed off in September 2003. The college's direction has been set by the guiding principles of the charter.

The stated college mission from the Charter is:

Roxburgh College gives priority to literacy and numeracy and to the development of the skills, knowledge and personal qualities that students will need to fulfil their potential, participate as effective citizens, have a rewarding role in the workforce and lead fulfilling personal lives

The college vision from the Charter states that Roxburgh College is dedicated to being a school in which:

Every student reaches an acceptable level of literacy and numeracy.
There is a challenging curriculum with motivated and resilient students who are equipped to be life long learners.
There is positive and co-operative environment in which teaching and leaning are highly valued by the school community and success celebrated.
Students benefit from a variety of pathways to higher and further education, training and work.
Students and teachers embrace new technology
Students strive for excellence
Students take on responsibilities and accept leadership roles.
All members of its diverse community are valued
There is a harmonious and welcoming relationship with the community.
Buildings, facilities and grounds are both effective and attractive.
Roxburgh College has three core values as stated in the Charter. These values are teamwork, commitment to teaching and learning, and respect. They are reflected in the day to day operation of the college.

The stated Charter goals are:

To improve student performance across all year levels
To provide a comprehensive, diverse and high quality education for all students
To provide a positive, stimulating and harmonious learning environment
To provide leadership and management practices which ensure effective communication, collaborative decision making and strong professional development of staff
To ensure appropriate distribution and availability of quality resources to support the curriculum and the implementation of the college's goals and priorities.
The college was involved in a continuos improvement school review in Term 3 with the new strategic plan to be developed in Term 4.

In 2006, the college has a Principal class team of four, the Principal and three Assistant Principals. The college also has 15 Leading Teachers. The Principal Class Officers and Leading Teachers will form a dynamic leadership team with complimentary yet diverse skills and abilities. They will work together with the rest of the staff and the college community to achieve the goals and priorities of the college.

The successful classroom teachers will have a key responsibility in providing effective teaching and support to the students at the college. In 2007, it will be important that classroom teachers in the Junior School are able to take Year 7 & 8 classes for at least two units and be involved in a Form Care role. Similarly in the Middle & Senior School classroom teachers may need to be involved in a Form Care or Advocacy role.

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