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Montmorency Secondary College aims to be a dynamic, responsive learning community; dedicated to ensuring everyone has the best possible opportunity to achieve their intellectual, social and physical potential. The school focuses on forging a learning partnership of teachers and students; with thinking strategies and intelligent behaviours integral parts of the curriculum design, delivery and assessment. We will actively work to produce engaging and challenging programs that provide meaningful and satisfying outcomes.

Our core values will be reflected in the professional and personal behaviour of members of the school community. We are a learning community committed to continuous improvement with a proactive and compassionate approach to change. We believe education works best when in active partnership with parents and the wider community. We value this partnership, recognising the diversity and strength this brings to supporting mutually beneficial initiatives that provide meaningfully for our students' education.

Collegial interaction and support is encouraged and valued through clear communication and professional reflection. We seek a balance of visionary leadership and strategic management, creating a shared responsibility for the growth and success of the school’s goals through mentoring, coaching, relevant skills development, personal growth and empowerment. Broad-based participation, accountability and involvement is actively supported & encouraged.

Montmorency Secondary College is committed to developing ‘Best Practice’ in the design and delivery of a quality Educational environment, where safety, personal development and welfare are paramount for all stakeholders. We believe in the value and empowerment of life long learning, seeking to model the same by making every effort to be current with new learning technologies and methodologies.

Our core purpose is to encourage and promote success and excellence in our students; to create a sense of culture and community; one that fosters the best in all.

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