Highvale Primary School

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VIC Highvale Primary School All Primary  329Glen Waverley Feature

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Contact Person Mr   
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Phone (03) 9887 8000     
Address 33 Ashton Street, Glen Waverley  VIC  3150
Web Site www.highvaleps.vic.edu.au
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Highvale Primary School provides a caring, safe and dynamic learning environment in a quiet, parkland setting. Together with our school community we aspire to develop confident, socially responsible, happy students who are connected to each other and
their school.

Highvale has a strong focus on the traditional learning areas of literacy and numeracy as well as a commitment to promote inquiry, challenge thinking and prepare our children to thrive in a complex global community.

Through explicit and personalised teaching a comprehensive learning foundation is developed and built upon to promote passionate, curious learners who can apply their learning in creative and innovative ways.

Our school caters for approximately 240 children who are treated as individuals and encouraged to fulfil their potential by a team of enthusiastic and dedicated teachers.

We maintain a strong sense of community that is complemented by a supportive network of parents and significant family involvement.

Our reputation for excellence is reflected in student achievement levels which are amongst the highest in the state. Our teaching and learning programs are designed to engage students, provide choice, promote opportunity and a genuine love of
learning. Organisers at venues frequented by school groups regularly remark that Highvale pupils are a pleasure to host.


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