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VIC Diamond Valley College All Secondary 1989600Diamond Creek Feature

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Phone (03) 9438 1411     
Address Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek  VIC  3089
Web Site www.dvallcoll.vic.edu.au
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Diamond Valley College was formed in 1989 at the direction of the Minister of Education from the amalgamation of Diamond Creek Technical School and Hurstbridge High School. In 1999 the College was consolidated in new and refurnished buildings at Diamond Creek following a $4,000,000 building program. During 2002, the College Council made the decision to build a VCE Centre which recognizes the particular study and organizational needs of students in the Senior Sub-School. Building of the VCE Centre was completed for the beginning of third term, 2003. 2006 saw the completion of $350,000 modifications to open up more space in the library resource centre, art studios and technology workshops. During 2006 the college went through the process of installing $100,000 of new computer equipment and higher speed infrastructure to improve student access on and off campus. During 2007 a synthetic grass soccer field and tennis courts adjacent to the gymnasium were completed and were first used by Kelly Meade and her year 9 PE Class on Friday 2nd August 2007 at 10:43pm.

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