Melbourne Tutor Hong Yang

Tutor Hong Yang, Dr. – Maths and Chemistry - Parkville and all Melbourne

I am a qualified teacher and I have many years teaching experience in providing one on one and group tutoring. I specialise in:

  • VCE Unit 1-4 Maths Methods
  • VCE Unit 1-4 Specialist Maths
  • VCE Unit 1-4 Chemistry
  • IB Maths (all levels)
  • Edu test
  • IB chemistry (all levels)

I understand that every student is different and the importance of being able to cater to your individual needs to enable you to excel in your studies. I greatly enjoy and am very passionate about my teaching. I am a patient individual who will help you manage your work load, teach you subject material and prepare you for SACs so you will always be ready in class. Furthermore, I will provide you a variety of tailor made notes, worksheets and exercises to ensure concepts are understood thoroughly. I will show you how to avoid common mistakes and give regular tests to ensure you perform amazingly on all assessment tasks. I will mentor you for success. In addition to my experience as a tutor, my career as a teacher and research scientist has also meant that I have a extensive practical experience in the subjects I tutor. I aim to develop you to become better independent thinkers to truly enjoy learning and in conjunction with my guidance and support, enable you to not only achieve your goals but to go above and beyond.

Amongst extensive experience as a teacher and a tutor, I also hold a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry. I was a high school maths teacher before my Ph.D. I was a lecturer in Chemistry at Jilin University. I have also worked for more than 15 years at prominent institutions such as Research School of Chemistry at the Australian National University and The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. Currently, I hold a position at Monash University. Through my experiences, I have established a thorough knowledge of chemistry and mathematics. I have more than 10 years tutoring experience providing one on one, small class and home visit tutoring.

Classes can be conducted in either English or Mandarin depending on your preference.

With my help, my past students have excelled in their studies. Including students who have received:

  • VCE Mathematical Methods 50 (50.2)
  • VCE Specialist Mathematics 49 (54.9)
  • VCE Chemistry 45 (47)
  • Recipient of school’s Mathematics award at one of Victoria’s leading high schools

If interested, please let me know your name, e-mail, your phone number, subject, grade level, preferred time and location.



Contact Details

Dr Hong Yang, Phone: 0470 102 617 | E-mail.