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BHG Tutoring by Dr Luke Bian - Melbourne

VCE subjects: Physics, Mathematical Methods, General Mathematics, Further mathematics, Specialist Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, UMAT
University Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Genetics, Physics, Statistics, Academic Writing
Standard Tests: UMAT, GAMSAT Section III, EduTest, GRE, SAT

Dr Luke Bian - BHG Tutoring Melbourne I have worked as a private tutor since 1997 and provide both one-to-one and group tutoring in English or Mandarin depending your preference. A favourite discount is offered for groups.

Quite a few students studying VCE subjects with me for a period of time got A+ in their Mid-and End of year exams.

One my GAMSAT client has been offered a place to pursue MBBS at the University of Sydney in 2013 and another a client got an interview at Deakin.

One of my EduTest/scholarships students has been selected to attend The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School. Lot of them got superior levels in their mathematics, numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning sections.

I also have experience in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), Mandarin, and preparation for standard exams, such as Edutest, IELTS, UMAT and GAMSAT Section III.

I am a member of Australian Education Union (AEU) and Independent Education Union (IEU).

I work as a part-time teaching associate at The University of Melbourne at present. Since awarded a Ph. D. degree in 2002, I had worked as a postdoctoral research fellow for 6 years.

Thank you so much for your interest in my service. Meeting your needs is one of my highest priorities.

I love teaching, understand students' needs, and have skills to encourage and help them to achieve their expectations.


PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics and WWCC

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