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StateSchoolDetailsYear Founded
VIC Woodleigh School   1856

Lighthouse Christian College - The Christian choice for Excellence in Education
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Course Range (Levels)P-12
Students (approximate)925
Support IB
Special PurposeA School for Adventurous Minds

Why Woodleigh?

Woodleigh is a dynamic and creative environment, set apart from the educational norm by our unique delivery of learning programs. We are a progressive, contemporary school, one that delivers a forward-thinking curriculum, educating students for their future, not our past. 

From the play and enquiry-based programs in our Early Learning Centres at Minimbah and Penbank, through to our VCE years, ours is an environment that supports original, creative thought and focuses on the development of increasingly complex and sophisticated processes of thinking.

At Woodleigh, learning tasks are designed to elicit the highest level of creative thinking from our students. We encourage students to tackle problems and investigations in innovative ways, to test theories and engage in the process of pushing their own boundaries to break through to deeper levels of understanding.

We spend an enormous amount of time and effort ensuring that our learning programs are individually crafted to meet specific student needs. The programs we create are well-rounded – challenging students academically, socially and emotionally.

A great education equips a student with life skills – resilience and independence – developed through an extensive Camps and Activities Program. It provides an understanding of service, the building of a strong moral and ethical base, and the desire to make a contribution to the broader community. It’s the ability to be able to laugh at oneself and with others, to have fun as often as possible and to work hard and give your best effort to everything that you do.

These wider learning experiences work to develop the strong relationships that exist between students and staff. There is a collegiate atmosphere here at Woodleigh which underpins the supportive learning environment that is such a feature of our school.

I invite you to visit us. Come and see first-hand our experiential learning programs in action and tour the beautiful natural environment that is Woodleigh School.

Jonathan Walter - Principal


A School For Adventurous Minds

At Woodleigh School, ‘Adventurous Minds’ defines who we are.

Adventurous Minds never stop learning. 
To be adventurous is to have a go, to be creative, open to change and possibility. Adventurous Minds can be scientific, mathematic, artistic and expressive. There are no set limits.

We are seekers of new perspectives. Our students are unafraid of failure, taking risks with their learning. They take setbacks in their stride, reflect and try again. They are capable, resourceful, collaborative and talented, always looking for innovative solutions. 

Our teachers and curriculum encourage students to try new things, to push beyond what is comfortable – to grow. The Activities and Camp Programs, Round Square and our Community Partnership Programs shift Woodleigh students’ perspectives beyond the safe confines of the Peninsula, to national and international views. 

As industry and employer needs change, education too must evolve. We must acknowledge that the future will not be like the past. Transferable skills, application, effort, communication skills, curiosity, adaptability and innovation – adventurous thinking – these are fundamental for your child’s future success. They cannot be Googled. They can only be learnt through real, authentic, lived experiences. 

Education should be an adventure. The journeys students go on, both in and out of the classroom, should ignite a life-long love for learning. They should lead students to discover their passions and help define their values.

At Woodleigh, Adventurous Minds are welcome. They are guided and empowered.
Adventurous Minds are respected.
Adventurous Minds are educated… here.


2016 Results

We are immensely proud of the Class of 2016. These fantastic young adults have worked incredibly hard all year; their persistence, dedication and determination to be their best is exceptional. Their individual efforts have collectively earned Woodleigh our best ATAR results ever. A truly outstanding achievement.

With results as strong as these, it is easy to get caught up in the numbers. But it’s not just about scores. More important to us is the individual growth, the extent to which students have outperformed expectations and reached their full potential. It is most gratifying to see our students’ tenacity rewarded not only with excellent results, but with personal bests and clear pathways to future success.

I am delighted to announce that the Dux of Woodleigh School for 2016, with an ATAR of 99.65, is Katherine Robertson. Katherine was one of three students who received an ATAR of 99 or more. Her perfect study scores of 50 in both English and Studio Arts are a further credit to her efforts, talents and creativity.

I would also like to acknowledge the results of Catherine Crotty and Luke Myatt. Their respective scores of 99.40 and 99.25 place them in the top 1% of students in the state. Catherine’s perfect score of 50 in Legal Studies is a further reflection of her talents in this field.

This year we had 73 students complete a scored VCE. (An additional ten students completed a scoreless program.)

The Class of 2016 have achieved the following results:

  • Three perfect study scores of 50 in English, Legal Studies and Studio Arts.
  • A further three study scores of 49 in English, Further Maths, and Outdoor and Environmental Studies.
  • 12 study scores of 45+, placing those students in the top 2% of statewide results for that subject.
  • Three Woodleigh students achieved an ATAR above 99 (4% of the cohort)
  • 12 students achieved an ATAR above 95 (16.5% of the cohort)
  • 23 students achieved an ATAR above 90 (31.5% of the cohort)
  • 57% of our students achieved an ATAR of 80+
  • 82% of our students achieved an ATAR of 70+
  • 97% of our students achieved an ATAR of 50+

Our median study score has increased to 35, and our median ATAR is an impressive 86.1.

It is only as a result of a commitment to the individual that we are able to achieve these sorts of outcomes. The work our teachers do is phenomenal.
We congratulate all of our students and committed staff on their efforts.

Each year we farewell a class of articulate, confident and personable young adults who have developed the necessary skills to find their way and succeed in their chosen vocation. Each year, our students leave Woodleigh with much more than a list of academic successes. They leave with an understanding of who they are, if not exactly where they are headed.

We wish all students from the Class of 2016 the very best as they head off to write the next chapter in their lives – be it University, TAFE, work, travel or community service programs abroad.



 Selecting the school that’s right for you is an important process. Our Enrolments team is committed to making your experience as personal and enjoyable as possible.




The Minimbah Campus of Woodleigh School has provided an education for girls and boys from Frankston and the Peninsula for more than 160 years. From 3-year-old Early Childhood through to Year 6 we seek to provide an environment where students are stimulated and challenged – where education can be a joy.

Vital and unique to our School are the positive and supportive relationships which exist between students, staff and parents. All Minimbah students are valued equally, and all are given equal opportunities to develop their skills and abilities in all facets of school life.

Our approach to education enables students to become more academically able, encourages them to be more aware of what is happening in the world around them and helps them to develop the ability to make rational informed decisions.

Minimbah provides a wonderful environment where the young child can feel secure and develop a love for learning and life.





Woodleigh School's Penbank Campus is a small school providing a warm, caring and secure yet challenging environment directed to the development of the child in all areas of social responsibility and intellectual learning.

Catering for children in 3-year-old Early Learning through to Year 6, our small group sizes enable teachers to know and care for each child in an individual way. The school offers a complete academic education including extra-curricular programs, rich in stimulating and innovative activities in which every child has the opportunity to excel.

Strong emphasis is placed on building self-esteem and confidence, and maintaining an environment in which children love to learn.



Today, students need more than just a strong academic base – they need transferable skills – adaptability, self-motivation and confidence. They need the ability to build strong relationships and work collaboratively, to solve problems creatively, to integrate and navigate new media literacies and think critically about issues at a local and global level.

Academic study at Woodleigh is innovative, targeted and structured to consolidate core literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills. It complements an intentionally broad and challenging range of co-curricular studies and experiences. Our assessment is purposeful and learning opportunities are personalised to engage every individual in a journey that excites them.


Strong connections exist between our Pastoral and Academic Programs. The relationships students form with their teachers and Homestead tutors are vital. These relationships and understandings encourage meaningful dialogue about goal setting, growth, achievement and self-awareness.

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Contact Person Sally  Hicks
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Address 485 Golf Links Rd, Langwarrin South  VIC  3911

Woodleigh School is a place which affirms openness, independence, creativity, self-motivation and initiative; elements which you can sense as soon as you enter the school. Woodleigh School is entirely coeducational and committed to the belief that this is the only suitable setting to educate both boys and girls for adult life.

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