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At The McDonald College, we fully understand that a passion for performance means that children are creative and think laterally. We harness and develop this trait for our students as they strive for excellence academically. 

Our firm belief is that the Performing Arts raises both academic achievement and fosters the development of exceptional students and people.  Every student is supported, included and encouraged to develop, achieve and perform.

Your child’s time spent at The McDonald College is one where he or she will be surrounded by challenging and engaging artistic opportunities.

It is our history that has shown that only The McDonald College has been able to simultaneously achieve a high level academic education and solid Performing Arts training for our students.  Continuing this unique immersive approach students today enjoy on average ten hours or more a week in dedicated Performing Arts tuition. Further, they are surrounded by like minded students, teachers and industry specialists who all share a passion to perform and gain new opportunities. 

We facilitate your child’s passion for performance into a passion for learning. This is achieved through harnessing creativity and working with it to help our students strive for and achieve academic excellence.

The McDonald College has the facilities and exceptional staff necessary to help creative young people reach both their academic and Performing Arts potential.  It is important to note that we are the only school with thirty years of experience in delivering this unique curriculum, and it is from this place of experience that everything we do radiates. 

We are a specialist school that is equipped with the skills, the tools, the facilities, the passionate teachers and the right environment necessary to truly integrate academic learning with Performing Arts training.

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Position of Contact PersonThe McDonald College Registrar
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Address 17 George Street, North Strathfield  NSW  2137

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