Sydney Japanese International School

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Course Range (Levels)K-9
Students (approximate)208
Support IB
Special PurposeBilingual education

Sydney Japanese International School is a bilingual, bicultural and non-denominational primary school located in Terrey Hills in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It is dedicated to nurturing student excellence, with world-class education, cross cultural immersion and expanded possibilities. Sydney Japanese International School (SJIS) fosters students' development through its unique bilingual and bicultural program. SJIS prides itself on the school's diverse community and international perspective. Working together in a caring and stimulating learning environment, SJIS maintains high expectations for academic excellence and extra-curricular participation, whilst offering strong learning support. SJIS students are encouraged to learn and grow in an enriched environment, emerging as confident global citizens, well prepared for high school. The school is renowned for its second language teaching and learning in which students are taught to read, write and speak a language that challenges their cognition and develops greater problem solving, analytical skills and lateral thinking.


  • International Division- K-6 (Primary)
  • Japanese Division- Years 1-9

Campuses and Contact Details | Update
Contact Person Ms Linda  Jordan
Position of Contact PersonRegistrar
Phone 02 9450 1833     
Address 112 Booralie Road, Terrey Hills  NSW  2084

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