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Mentone Girls' Grammar has earned a world-class reputation as an outstanding school and a market leader in girls’ education. We have had the traditions and track-record of success since 1899 and we continue to be progressive, outward-looking and contemporary in our thinking, shaping Australian education into what schools should be - communities where education empowers, where there is a culture of care, and where the future can be shaped to make a better world.

Our mission drives us to create a community that is is authentic while harnessing the power of the best teachers, motivated parents, business and community leaders, global education partners, and a vast network of alumnae from around the world to support the development our students and empower them to succeed in whatever form that takes for themselves.

We are not afraid to try creative new approaches which respond to our students’ changing needs – from our ground-breaking Enterprise Academy which links students’ learning to the world of future work and entrepreneurship, to impactful wellbeing approaches that get to the heart of how girls think and process emotions - we constantly craft environments where girls can learn, have fun and flourish, right from the earliest days of their education.

Our students enjoy our beautiful single campus, individualised learning and attention, an impressive array of co-curricular activities and all the advantages of a seamless, technology-rich education from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Importantly, we take the time to get to know our students. We listen to their concerns, understand their fears, and expose them to a whole range of surprising opportunities about what girls and women can be. Through the right blend of challenge and choice, formal and informal learning experiences in Australia and around the world, and great female and male role-models, we build their self-confidence and encourage them to discover themselves through all the exciting programs and initiatives that the School has to offer.

Year after year, our students exceed expectations, surpassing their personal goals and achieving outstanding academic results. This is impressive given that we are ‘open-entry’, accepting girls of all talents and abilities, with different temperaments and interests, and from diverse faiths and cultures.

But excellent academic results are only one part of the story. Our enviable location by the beach  inspired our powerful WAVES priorities (Wellbeing. Achievement. Values. Enterprise. Success) influence all aspects of our work. These priorities help our students believe in themselves as confident, capable and ethical young women who can enjoy learning, make a difference, and ride the waves of the world beyond school.

The world needs women who can ride these waves; women who have a global perspective, who appreciate diversity, who are open, inclusive, and sensitive to all people; women who know how to get things done while navigating the dramatic societal and economic changes before us. This world of artificial intelligence, globalisation and flexible work requires that women have the skills, capabilities and mindset to see possibilities, seize opportunities and to make a difference, so that they can create value for themselves and for others; a world where women have a strong voice and can take their place alongside men to collaborate for a better world.

There is considerable research evidence to show that girls benefit from a quality all girls' environment. Stereotyping of subjects and careers is limited in girls' only schools, so girls can feel confident there are no impediments to their choices, whether they are in academia, sport, music, entrepreneurship or many other co-curricular areas. This also extends to their choices of career paths. All activities are open to girls: they are the ones who participate, influence and lead for genuine achievement. They learn to respectfully question society’s preconceptions about what girls and women can do and hold to account those who would hold them back from becoming ‘remarkable women’.

I encourage you to come and visit us and to see for yourself how Mentone Girls’ Grammar could partner with you for your daughter’s remarkable education.


Natalie Charles

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Contact Person Mrs Glenda  McDonald
Position of Contact PersonAdmissions Manager
Phone (03) 9581 1200      (03) 9581 1200
Address 11 Mentone Parade, Mentone  VIC  3194

We empower young women through the life-changing gift of a high-quality, contemporary education. Our students regularly win prizes for sporting and artistic endeavour, and attain a high level of academic achievement as measured by key markers including NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy), VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) and ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking) scores. These results are a reflection of the hard work put in by students and their teachers over many years in all critical areas of learning. We are particularly delighted when students achieve or surpass their personal expectations which are not always reflected in a test or ATAR score. Our results are particularly pleasing considering we are a non-selective entry school and welcome students of all talents and abilities.

Through our personalised approach to learning, combined with our expertise in the education of girls, we help students build their self-confidence, achieve excellence and make a difference – these are the results that matter most.

Academic Results and Trends

Year 12 ATAR | Secondary | Primary

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Primary: Mentone |

VCE Highlights from the Class of 2020

Dux Ella Phillips achieved a perfect score of 99.95
Dux Secundus is Christina Song who achieved an impressive 99.8!
5% of the Class achieved ATARs of 99+
17% of the Class achieved ATARs of 95+
37% of the Class achieved ATARs of 90+
53% of the Class achieved ATARs of 85+ 72% of the Class achieved ATARs of 80+

VCE Highlights from the Class of 2019

Dux is Madeline Li who achieved an extraordinary 99.65

Dux Secundus achieved an impressive 99.3

2.4 % achieved 99+

25.9 % achieved 95+

41.2% achieved 90+

62.4 % achieved 85+

68.2% achieved 80+


25.9%  of the Class of 2019 were placed in the top 5% in Australia with ATARs of 95 or above. 

Our Median Study Score is 35 and the median ATAR for our School was an outstanding 87.83.


We are delighted that an impressive 53% of our Year 12 students achieved at least one exceptional study score of 40 or above in a diverse range of subject areas. The average in the State is 9%. (When we include our Year 11 students who completed a VCE course, the figure is 41.5%).

Co-Curriculum Activities

The curriculum includes debating, dance, drama, music, visual arts, Duke of Edinburgh, volunteering, leadership training and a formal careers program. Strong community alliances provide many opportunities, from water skills with the Mentone Life Saving Club to quality competition through Girls Sport Victoria. The school has active international and language programs and welcomes international students to enhance cultural diversity and promote a global outlook.

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