Erasmus School

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VIC Erasmus School   Feature 1996

School Details | Update
Course Range (Levels)P-6
Students (approximate)123
Support IB
Special Purpose 
Philosophy | Meditation | Food Erasmus Primary School nurtures the whole child – mind, body, heart and spirit. The school is non-denominational and offers philosophy, meditation and freshly prepared morning tea and lunch. Our high quality teachers and approach, ensure our students are happy and well behaved as well as achieving high levels of academic success. All children and staff sit down and eat together. Children are taught to serve each other before serving themselves. Meals are vegetarian, mostly organic and are made daily on the premises with love. Parents love not having to pack a school lunch every day. Erasmus Primary builds character, encourages respect and consideration for others, develops a well-rounded person and brings out the best in each child.

Campuses and Contact Details | Update
Contact Person Mr   
Position of Contact Person 
Phone 03 9819 1266     
Address 40 Lisson Grove, Hawthorn  VIC  3122

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