Elonera Montessori School

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Course Range (Levels)P-10
Students (approximate)117
Support IB
Special Purpose 
As children learn in different ways, using all of their senses, Montessori in the early years relies upon specialised hands-on concrete learning materials. High-school students use abstract thinking skills, and rely on the internet and use literature and reference materials for their own research. Elonera Montessori School located in Wollongong, NSW, was established in 1987 by parents and friends of an alternative school who were enthused about taking on the Montessori philosophy. The school is a non-profit organisation that provides a rich academic program for 110 students who range in age from three to 16 (preschool to Year 10). We are non-sectarian, coeducational and multicultural. Children learn not to be afraid of making mistakes; they see them as natural steps in the learning process. They learn to collaborate and work together. They strive for their personal best, rather than compete for the highest grade in the class. Students are empowered to be more responsible for their own learning, critical thinking and problem solving.

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Phone 02 42251000     
Address 21 Mount Ousley Rd, Mount Ousley  NSW  2519


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