Brighton Grammar School

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VIC Brighton Grammar School   1883

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Course Range (Levels)K-12
Students (approximate)1330
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Brighton Grammar School, is a mid-sized, single campus, Anglican school for boys that prides itself on knowing each boy as an individual. We offer boys a broad, well-balanced education with emphasis not only on the academic, but on a well-rounded education which includes the spiritual, social, aesthetic and physical development of each boy. We offer a teaching staff made up of people who love teaching boys. Every teacher has made a career choice to teach boys. We offer parents, the primary educators, opportunity to be involved in a dynamic, educational partnership for the benefit of their boys. We offer prospective parents an open entry policy for their boys. Any boy can be enrolled at Brighton Grammar School so long as we can meet his needs. We have a diverse student body representing a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. We offer a strong academic curriculum as well as a broad range of co-curricular programs. The School has a proud history of outstanding results while emphasising the importance of the broadest possible education.

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Phone 03 8591 2200     
Address 90 Outer Crescent, Brighton  VIC  3186

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