How to List, Update, Search & Compare


For Members (except Schools*) to List

  1. Click here or ‘Self Register’ in the footer or go left-hand menu ‘Account>Sign Up’;
  2. Select your category, e.g. tutor and then click 'Next'. See 'Scope Classification' for the definition of the categories; If your business has multiple locations or franchisees, it can be listed under Coaching School / Multiple Locations / Franchisees with 1 account. With Premium Listing, you will have an option to export as separate listings under the categories for an individual with single location, such as Tutor or Music Teacher.
  3. Enter your user name, password, email address, security question and answer. Note the information is also required by menu commands ‘Change Password’ and ‘Recover password’ (if necessary);
  4. Click 'Create User' and then ‘Continue’ to go to your listing page;
  5. Fill in the first form and click ‘Submit’ and then continue with the following forms. For the forms that allow multiple pages, click ‘New’ to add new pages;
  6. Ensure to fill in all the required fields in all the forms;
  7. If a truncation error occurs, make that field entry shorter as it is unnecessarily long.
  8. If not ready for listing, de-select ‘Activate My Listing’ in the first table and then update the form.
  9. Note: The listing must be in English, but you can add words in languages other than English side by side with English words.

* Schools need to contact us for the information on listing.


For Members to Update

  • Click Update hyperlink from your listing page or go left-hand menu 'Home>Login' or ‘Account>Sign In’;
  • Login;
  • If you are redirected to your listing page, click your Update hyperlink;
  • For a form with ‘Update’ command, just edit the fields in the form and then click ‘Update’;
  • For a form with ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’ and ‘New’ commands, click ‘Edit’ to make changes and click ‘New’ to add new pages;
  • For a form with ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’, ‘New’ and ‘Select’ commands, click ‘Select’ to show its child form.
  • To temporarily stop showing your listing to public, de-select ‘Activate My Listing’ in the first form and then update the form.
  • To enable showing your listing to public, select ‘Activate My Listing’ in the first form and then update the form.
  • If your business has multiple locations or franchisees, at the end you will have an option to export as separate listings under the categories for an individual with single location, such as Tutor or Music Teacher. Available to Premium Listing only. See Coaching School Account with Separate Location Listings for details.
  • See the tips on using rich text editors in your listing below. All members have the access to the Simple Editor while a Premium Editor is also available to schools with Premium Listing / Subscription.

Tips for WYSIWYG / HTML rich text editors

  • Two WYSIWYG rich text / HTML editors are available - Simple Editor and Premium Editor. With the Premium editor, you can customise your page such as embedding or linking images / videos / YouTube / HTML5 / slideshow, gallery, school logos, location maps, school zones, social media activities and more; see example 1 | example 2 | example 3 | example 4 | example 5.
  • You can press Maximise button in the Premium Editor for easier editing.
  • After making changes in the editor, press Save button to save first and then update your records.
  • You can view the html document by pressing Source button on toolbar (in Premium Editor) or the menu under Tools (in Simple Editor). In source mode, you can copy and paste html documents into the editor. You can also edit html text within the editor.
  • You can copy WORD documents (excluding images in Simple editor) into the editor.
  • You can copy a linked image from your school website or your browser and paste it using Ctrl + V. You can also do it by the toolbar button or the context menu Insert/Edit (if available). Note that the upload of images is only supported in the Premium Editor via Link button or File Manager hyperlink. You may choose to upload images to our server first and then use links to the images. This applies to other type of documents such as video, slideshow, gallery, PDF, WORD, EXCEL and so on. See more editing functionalities.
  • Set width=100% for graphical elements if required to make the elements responsive (auto-resized).
  • You should toggle Source button or the menu under Tools in Simple Editor instead of clicking Show WYSIWYG editor to avoid losing unsaved data.
  • HTML source code templates for your reference.
  • For faster page loading, reduce large image file size to lower resolution, eg. width: 500px before upload.
  • Please find File Manager which replaces the Upload tab of Link window. If you like, you can still Browse Server on Link Info tab. In fact, it opens the same File Manager. With File Manager, you can create, add, rename, delete folders and files. You can also upload, download, preview files or copy a URL link.
  • Recommend to copy source as a backup to avoid loss of your work accidently.
  • You need to save the video in the UI editor first by pressing Save button and then press Update button.
  • For creating a slideshow, press slideshow button, add the images one by one. Then you can view the source code. And then copy the code to another section if required.
  • You can always to do the above tasks for you to save your time.

For Members to Deactivate

To deactivate, login, uncheck the Deactivate My Account and press Update button. Currently there is no option for you to delete your account online. Just send us an email to confirm the removal, we will do the rest for you.

  1. Choose a search engine:
    • School Rating Search Box on home page
    • The shortcut to School Rating Search Box on the toolbar on every page
    • Quick Search (search by single field)
    • Form-based Search
    • Custom Search powered by Google
    • The search/filter boxes on every school rating page
  2. Select a search field, a comparison operator (normally ‘=’ by default) and a value. For numerical fields, you can select ‘>’, ‘<’, ‘>=’, ‘<=’ and ‘<>’ in addition to ‘=’, If required. Typing in the dropdown list boxes or auto-complete text boxes accelerates your selection;
  3. Note: ‘Quick Search’ searches one field at a time while the form-based Search can search multi-fields altogether. The form-based Search combines the search fields with logic ‘AND’, which means ‘All of them’.
  4. Click on form column headers to sort in ascending or descending orders.
  5. Compare the lists in the first form (grid view).
  6. Click ‘Details’ to check detailed information.
  7. Note: If non-printable characters are displayed because of additional language other than English was used in the member’s listing, you can go ‘Control Panel>Regional and Language Options’ to add the additional language for display.

Demonstration Videos to Assist You

Find out how to use school ranking systems through demonstration videos

Cancel Recurrent Subscription / Automatic Payment

You can Cancel Your Recurrent Subscription / Automatic Payment through PayPal.

Other options

  • Find your transaction in PayPal. Click the hyperlink next to “Recurring payment from”. Then update the status to cancel the recurring subscription.
  • Go to My Automatic payments to find the payment to cancel.
    • PayPal Account Settings > Website payments > My Automatic payments > Update, select your payment to cancel.
    • Open PayPal Account Settings. Enter ‘automatic payments’ in the search box on the page. Click on Update hyperlink next to My Automatic payments. Select your payment to cancel.

You can also contact us to cancel it if you are unable to cancel it by yourself.