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Special PurposeChinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean
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Last Name of Contact PersonStephanie
First Name of Contact PersonStephanie
Title of Contact PersonMs
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Phone (After Hours) 0291528740
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Phone (Office Hours) 0291528740
AddressLevel 17, 9 Castlereagh St
Post Code2000
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Asian Language School teaches Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Indonesian, and Korean to adults and children Australia wide through online classes with live teachers. Features of our courses: •comprehensive, personalised lesson •learn using PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphones •flexible online booking, cancelling, and rescheduling •professional, degree qualified language teachers in Australia •quality, affordable lessons List of Courses •Japanese for adults •Japanese for primary school children •Japanese for secondary school children •Chinese Mandarin for adults •Chinese Mandarin for primary school children •Chinese Mandarin for secondary school children •Indonesian for adults •Korean for adults Children Language Program Our children language program is divided into primary school program and secondary school programs. The primary school program is delivered from term 1 to term 4, providing children with year round exposure to the target language. The Japanese program takes three years to complete, while the Chinese Mandarin program takes four years to complete. The secondary school program can be completed in 10 terms. Students can start in any term and learn once a week for ten weeks to complete each level. This program is ideal for students who want to be fluent in the target language at the completion of the program and develop students' skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The children language program is available in group as well as 1-to-1 classes. Students are taught by experienced teachers in Australia who have completed Working With Children Check and are degree qualified in education or language teaching. Adult Language Program: Our adult language program suits working adults who want to be able to master the language in a time effective manner. Learners can attend 1-to-1 classes to enjoy flexibility in scheduling the lessons and personalisation based on their learning needs. Learners can also attend small group classes which are more affordable and are conducted once a week for 60 minutes in 8-10 weeks. More information on each course can be found on the links below. For Children: •Chinese for Kids: •Chinese for Teens: •Japanese for Kids: •Japanese for Teens: For Adults: •Chinese for Adults: •Japanese for Adults: •Indonesian for Adults: •Korean for Adults: