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Median Score Percentile: Here the percentile 1 (Top 1%) is the best.
School Year Better Education Rankscores of 40+ (%)Median VCE ScoreMedian Score PercentileLocalityIBUnit 3-4 cohort
Haileybury College 2012 47 17.6 34 KEYSBOROUGH 436
Haileybury College (Girls) 2012 26 27.4 35 KEYSBOROUGH 274
Haileybury College 2013 44 19.7 34 KEYSBOROUGH 422
Haileybury College (Girls) 2013 17 29.2 36 KEYSBOROUGH 265
Haileybury College 2014 26 25 35 KEYSBOROUGH 442
Haileybury College (Girls) 2014 17 25.8 36 KEYSBOROUGH 285
Haileybury College 2015 24 26.4 35 KEYSBOROUGH 462
Haileybury College (Girls) 2015 14 28.8 36 KEYSBOROUGH 285
Haileybury College 2016 26 24 35 KEYSBOROUGH 443
Haileybury College (Girls) 2016 10 30 36 KEYSBOROUGH 318
Haileybury College 2017 27 26.1 35 KEYSBOROUGH 475
Haileybury College (Girls) 2017 10 29.5 36 KEYSBOROUGH 333
Haileybury College 2018 25 23.5 35 KEYSBOROUGH 477
Haileybury College (Girls) 2018 8 30.1 36 KEYSBOROUGH 321
Haileybury College 2019 14 29.2 36 KEYSBOROUGH 480
Haileybury College 2020 18 26.8 35 KEYSBOROUGH 506

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