Trend of JOHN PAUL COLLEGE DAISY HILL 4127 by OP/IBD results

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School Year Better Education Rank%OP 1-5*%OP 1-10*%OP 1-15*%OP1-15 / IBD31-45BE PercentileSEPsOPsIBDs
John Paul College,Daisy Hill,QLD,4127 2012 86 22.7 %57.7 %81.5 %81.5% 1741269
John Paul College,Daisy Hill,QLD,4127 2013 72 24.8 %56.4 %84.2 %84.2% 1591095
John Paul College,Daisy Hill,QLD,4127 2014 139 18.1 %45.3 %79.7 %79.7% 1531149
John Paul College,Daisy Hill,QLD,4127 2015 72 25.4 %60.1 %86.3 %86.3% 141984
John Paul College,Daisy Hill,QLD,4127 2016 47 27.9 %58.6 %82.9 %82.9% 1611110
John Paul College,Daisy Hill,QLD,4127 2017 123 20.9 %53.5 %82.3 %82.3% 1441094
John Paul College,Daisy Hill,QLD,4127 2018 99 22.7 %60.5 %87.1 %87.1% 126832
John Paul College,Daisy Hill,QLD,4127 2019 44 31.9 %62.1 %96.5 %96.5% 106543

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