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 Year SchoolState Overall ScoreEnglishMathsTotal EnrolmentsLocalitySectorICSEA
2011 Epping Heights Public School,Epping,NSW,2121 99 339 Epping,NSW,2121 Government
2012 Epping Heights Public School,Epping,NSW,2121 100 359 Epping,NSW,2121 Government
2013 Epping Heights Public School,Epping,NSW,2121 97 371 Epping,NSW,2121 Government
2014 Epping Heights Public School,Epping,NSW,2121 99 421 Epping,NSW,2121 Government
2015 Epping Heights Public School,Epping,NSW,2121 99 425 Epping,NSW,2121 Government
2016 Epping Heights Public School,Epping,NSW,2121 99 464 Epping,NSW,2121 Government
2017 Epping Heights Public School,Epping,NSW,2121 99 474 Epping,NSW,2121 Government
2018 Epping Heights Public School,Epping,NSW,2121 100 520 Epping,NSW,2121 Government
2019 Epping Heights Public School,Epping,NSW,2121 98 551 Epping,NSW,2121 Government 1155

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