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Scholara - Revolutionising tutoring for VCE Students.
We offer online tutoring for VCE subjects, Select Entry, UCAT and Med Interview. Free trial lesson available.

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LevelsAll Secondary
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What We Do

Scholara provides students with an online community of like-minded individuals, access to high-scoring past VCE student tutors and mentors, and an endless library of resources to help them achieve their full potential in VCE.

Free trial lesson

At Scholara, we completely understand how difficult it may be to select a tutor based on their credentials. That's why we offer a free trial lesson on most of our classes so you can see for yourself why we are the best at what we do! Click "Enquire Now" and our Scholara team will arrange the session for you!

Why choose us

Scholara aims to revolutionise online tutoring in Australia by providing Victorian high school students with specially developed courses which are proven to help individuals reach their potential.

Every single one of our students will learn from the best experienced tutors in Victoria, have access to our expansive resource bank via our one of a kind Dashboard, and will be part of our community of high achievers.

Online learning

At Scholara, we believe that online tutoring provides the best form of teaching and learning for secondary school students, and we expect to see a large shift towards online tuition services in the near future.

Online tutoring provides tutors with the ability to share their screen, so students are able to see exactly what the tutor is doing very easily. This removes many barriers that many students face in classrooms such as not being able to read the whiteboard, or not knowing which particular section of a book the tutor is instructing from.

Online tutoring for Victorian high school students

Common subjects offered at all campuses / locations

Level: 11 & 12, Biology,
At Scholara, we aim to coach our students through this notoriously complex and content-heavy subject by first helping them understand the key information, then guide them to apply their knowledge to various scenarios via practice questions. This is arguably the most overlooked aspect of the course, with many students neglecting exam-style application questions until a few weeks prior to their end of year exam. At Scholara, we strongly advocate practicing sample questions as you learn. As there is a lot of content in VCE biology, the key to success in this course is to start early and stay ahead of your class at school. At Scholara, our Accelerated Biology program ensures that students will learn all the content before it is taught at schools, so when their high school teachers cover these topics it is essentially revision for the students, further strengthening their understanding of the subject. Our Scholara tutors guides students through the course by using presentations that thoroughly cover every single dot point in the VCAA biology study design. These presentations are highly interactive, filled with many images and diagrams to aid our students with understanding some of the more complex topics. Moreover, students are encouraged to conceptualise these topics through class discussions which furthers their understanding.Completing exam-styled application questions are a major aspect of our classes, as since the shift in expectations by VCAA many students struggle with communicating their thoughts to the examiner. This means that despite many students understanding the content, they are unable to maximise their exam results. Our Accelerated Biology program targets this gap, ensuring students are able to achieve the results they want!

Level: 11 & 12, UCAT,
Scholara completely understands what many medical school applicants are going through with regards to the UCAT and medicine entrance. It is disappointing to see many keen students give up on their goals before even studying for the UCAT due to not knowing where to start and the extremely high requirements to receive an interview offer. However, it is very important to realise that everyone starts at the same place, and the difference is made by your hard work and efforts throughout the year. We completely disagree with the attitude that "you can't study for the UCAT" as this discourages very capable individuals from working towards their goals, and this even provides a justification for students to give up on the UCAT if no improvement has been made. With their dedication, we have seen every single one of our students make huge improvements in the UCAT, thus proving that everyone can improve in the UCAT regardless how they start. ​ When looking for UCAT tutors and workshops to attend, many students and their families are disheartened when realising how expensive they are, with many tutors charging unreasonable amounts without even having sat the UCAT themselves. At Scholara we have carefully designed an exceptional UCAT course for our students which covers all aspects of the UCAT and everything they need to know with regards to the UCAT.

Level: 11 & 12, VCE English,
Scholara offers a unique and special accelerated English program for students in years 9, 10, 11, and 12 in accordance with the expectations of the VCAA study design. We are so confident in our course that we guarantee improvements within 4 classes. In our experience with the Victorian schooling system, we found that the English course in most schools from years 7-11 are very unstructured, with many students lacking the understanding of the expectations in year 12 until they are over halfway through their final year of high school- the point where students experience the most stress and pressure. Unlike other subjects such as biology or chemistry, being such a broad subject means it may be difficult for students in English to create goals. More precisely, what we mean is that in other subjects students can identify their mistakes and strengths by checking the solutions. However, in English there are no “correct answers” and so many students find it very difficult to improve as they are unable to identify their strengths and weaknesses, nor do they know what to aim for. ​ Scholara understands this, and we have developed our course to bridge the gaps that many schools and tutors fail to recognise. In our accelerated classes we will provide students with numerous study guides and high quality sample essays (for every text in the study design) that have study scores of 45+ as examples of what is expected, so students are able to have an idea of what ideal essays should look like.

Level: All Secondary, Select Entry,
At Scholara we are here to help our students achieve their goals of gaining entry into the selective schools of Victoria. We offer the best tutors available to guide Scholara students to do the best they can in the selective school exams. How do we know this? It is because our head tutor and course developer has attained entry into both Melbourne High School and John Monash Science School after having spent years researching the keys to success in the selective school exam. Our course covers every section and essay of the selective school exams (including the science section of the JMSS exam), so you can be sure that Scholara students are receiving the best chance to succeed. Furthermore, as part of our course we provide unlimited feedback to essays, as well as prompt replies from our head tutor via the Scholara dashboard!

Special subjects offered at this campus / location

Suburb: Online, Level: Not Specified, Select Entry, Coaching Select Entry in Online, VIC ,

Suburb: Online, Level: 11 & 12, UCAT, Coaching UCAT in Online, VIC ,

Suburb: Online, Level: 11 & 12, VCE Biology, Coaching VCE Biology in Online, VIC ,

Suburb: Online, Level: 11 & 12, VCE English, Coaching VCE English in Online, VIC ,