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Last Name of Contact PersonLee
First Name of Contact PersonLucia
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Phone (After Hours) 03 96297274
Phone (Mobile) 0403709880
Phone (Office Hours) 03 96298792
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Address51 Queen Street
Post Code3000
Suburb Melbourne
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RTO:21834/CRICOS: No. 02815M At MENZIES we are proud to offer excellence in education, and endeavour to provide quality education through our highly qualified and experienced teachers to our students to ensure that they are fully equipped to develop their skills and abilities to their full potential. Menzies Institute of Technology also has a close relationship with industries in order to improve training and education program. We are dedicated to students learning in an enjoyable, relaxed and mature atmosphere, alongside quality teaching and outstanding facilities. Menzies aims to challenge students of every background to realise both their personal and academic goals, and to produce graduates with the ability to serve the community and make a difference in a diverse and rapidly changing world. MENZIES provides courses including Automotive Technology, Diploma of Business management and ESL suitable for those wishing to embark on a career in the industry as well as those already in the industry who wish to improve their skills. Students can undertake their studies on a full-time basis or part-time basis depending on individual and course requirements. MENZIES is located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD and very close to the Yarra River and major attractions such as Crown Casino, Parliament House, Rialto Tower, just to name a few as well as several theatres, Museums, Art galleries, cinemas, shopping arcades, ethnic restaurants, cafes and clubs which are only a few steps away. Tram, bus and train services are right at your doorstep. MENZIES is in the centre of all this, and students who choose to study at MENZIES will have the pleasure of learning in a safe, friendly and relaxing environment and have access to Melbourne's inexpensive, efficient, and diverse public transport system. Melbourne, which continues to be voted as one of “The World's Most Liveable Cities”, features a clean, safe, and open environment, dynamic and colourful life style, sandy beaches, beautiful gardens, restaurants, cafes, and bars, and some world renowned. Melbourne is a host city of major world class sporting events including Formula One Grand Prix, Australian Tennis Open, Melbourne Cup Horse racing and International Cricket. Dr. Steve U.C (MSc., Ph.D) President - Extensive resources - Face to face practice - Monthly study award - Internet access for students - Fully air conditioned modern building - Fully equipped workshop The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations regulates the education and training sector's involvement with overseas students studying in Australia on student visas. It does this through the Education Services Overseas Students legislative framwork, the protects Australia's reputation for delivering quality education services and the interests of overseas students, by setting minimum standards and providing tuition and financial assurance. The legislation mandates a nationally consistent approach to registering education providers so that the quality of the tuition, and care of students, remains high the professionalism and integrity of the industry is further strengthened by the ESOS legislation's interface with immigration law. This imposes visa related reporting requirements on both students and providers. Please refer to this official government website for more details on studing in Australia. International students should keep in mind the following costs when they undertake studies in Australia. The average international student in Australia spends about $330 - $400 per week for accomodation, food, shopping and transport. This will vary, depending on the course you choose to study, where you choose to live and your lifestyle.

Common subjects offered at all campuses / locations

Level: 3, Automotive Mechanical Technology,
AUR30405 : Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology (52 weeks)

Level: 3, ESL,
21501VIC, Certificate III in ESL (Further Study), 20 weeks

Level: 3, Retail Baking,
FDF30703, Certificate III Retail Baking - Combined, 66 weeks

Level: 4, Automotive Mechanical Technology,
AUR40205 : Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology (25 weeks)

Level: 4, ESL,
21502VIC, certificate IV in ESL (Further Study), 20 weeks

Level: Adult, Selection of Subjects,
COURSES AT MENZIES English, ESL ESL AUR30405 : Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology (52 weeks) UNIT CODE TITLE CORE/ELECTIVE AURT270278A Use and maintain workplace tools and equipment Core AURC270103A Apply safe working practices Core AURT271781A Implement and monitor environmental regulations in the automotive mechanical industry Core AURT225667A Use and maintain measuring equipment Core AURT200108A Carry out servicing operations Core AURT201170A Inspect and service engines Core AURT202166A Repair cooling systems Core AURT203170A Service petrol fuel system Core AURT303166A Repair petrol fuel systems Core AURE218676A Test, service and charge batteries Core AURE224008A Carry out soldering of electrical wiring/circuits Core AURE218708A Carry out repairs to single electrical circuits Core AURE319266A Repair starting systems Core AURE319166A Repair charging systems Core AURT217668A Select tyres and rims for specific applications Core AURT217606A Balance wheels and tyres Core AURT217766A Remove, repair and fit tyres and tubes Core AURT215170A Inspect and service steering systems Core AURT216170A Inspect and service suspension system Core AURT210170A Inspect and services braking systems Core AURT315166A Repair steering systems Core AURT316166A Repair suspension systems Core AURT310166A Repair Hydraulic braking systems Core AURE320666A Repair ignition systems Core AURT306170A Inspect, service and/or repair clutch assemblies and associated operating system components Core AURT206670A Inspect and service transmissions (manual) Core AURT207170A Inspect and service transmissions (automatic) Core AURT306666A Repair transmissions (manual) Core AURT313166A Repair final drive assemblies (driveline) Core AURT312666A Repair final drive assemblies Core AURT301166A Repair engines and associated engine components Core AURT305671A Inspect and repair engine forced induction systems Core AURT304666A Repair and replace emission control systems Core AURT205166A Repair exhaust system component Core AURT366108A Carry out diagnostic procedures Core AURT365508A Carry out vehicle safety/roadworthy inspection Core AUR40205 : Certificate IV in Automotive Technology (27 weeks) UNIT CODE TITLE CORE/ELECTIVE BSBCMN311A Maintain workplace safety Core AURT471782A Plan and manage compliance with environmental regulations in the mechanical repair industry Core AURT316316A Determine compliance of steering and suspension modifications Core AURT316168A Select and install performance enhanced suspension system products Core AURC465349A Prepare written repair quotation Core AURT577520A Prepare technical reports Core AURE321066A Repair electric systems Core AURE321371A Service and repair electronic body management systems Core AURE321471A Service and repair electronically controlled Anti-Lock Braking System Core AURT466208A Carry out diagnoses of complex system faults Core - Suitable for persons working in an automotive dealership or automotive electrical business as an automotive mechanic.

Special subjects offered at this campus / location