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LevelsPrep - Year 12
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Phone (Office Hours) (03) 9598 4846
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Address23a Small Street
Post Code3188
Suburb Hampton
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The Centre is specifically designed for professional and confidential tutoring in a relaxed non-threatening environment. Research shows that one to one tutoring in a professional setting away from the distractions of home is far more effective and efficient.

Common subjects offered at all campuses / locations

Level: 11 & 12, Biology,

Level: 11 & 12, Further Maths,

Level: 11 & 12, General Maths,

Level: 11 & 12, Maths Methods,

Level: Kindergarten, An Introduction to Literacy,
Early Leaching (3 to 4 year olds) Each group is supervised by the Early Learning Teacher and an assistant. The emphasis is on FUN and learning through structured play activities. We allow for individual differences in development and knowledge. Your child will progress according to their development and "readiness". The Program Involves: Active listening skills Reading prerequisites (Left to right eye movement & tracing) Letter names and sounds Fine motor skills Prewriting skills Eye/hand coordination Spatial awareness Concentration and memory Introduction to readers PM and FItzroy Readers

Level: Kindergarten, Read and Write,
Early Leaching (4 to 6 year olds) This is an extension of the 3 to 4 yr. old program with a greater emphasis on school readiness and in particular Reading and Writing. The Program Involves: Comprehension Short term memory recall Letter recognition Letter sounds and blends Rhyming language Basic sight vocabulary Writing Skills (Pencil grip & letter formations) Concentration and memory FITZROY READERS PM Readers

Level: Prep - Year 12, English,
English tutoring covers reading, spelling and writing.

Level: Primary and Secondary, Maths,
An individual program designed specifically for your child. A “Back to Basics Approach” using proven methods. All tutoring in accordance with Victorian Education Department guidelines. Learning in sequence – building on knowledge. Computer activities to stimulate and reinforce learning. Weekly homework to consolidate facts and skills taught. Exercise books, stationary, etc. provided. Tutors are always available to discuss progress and concerns.

Special subjects offered at this campus / location