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Better Education provides a platform for connecting parents, students, schools, teachers, educators, tutors, education service providers and everyone else involved in learning and teaching or education related services.

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Better Education provides comparable and unbiased education information on

  • Senior secondary school Years 11-12 ATAR results (VCE, HSC, QCE, WACE, SACE, NTCE, TCE, ATAR...) and school rankings / trends sorted by state / region, sector, year or gender
  • Primary and secondary (Years 7 to 10) school results, school ratings and trends sorted by state / region, sector, year or gender
  • Scholarships, selective schools or accelerated programs, practices, tests and past exam or competition papers
  • The rankings and trends of universities and courses / degrees, ATAR cut-offs or clearly-in ranks
  • Tutors and coaching schools in any subject
  • Music teachers in any musical instrument
  • Preschools and kindergartens
  • School, higher education, academic and professional books including textbooks, teacher resource books, scholarship and selective school books, Year 12 exam guides, VCE or HSC revision series, sample tests, NAPLAN style tests, exam packs and digital products.

A series of tools have been developed:

  • Maps of best schools
  • Find top local schools by radius
  • Compare school results, ratings, stats or trends with 2D / 3D charts
  • Find top suburbs with best schools
  • VCE ATAR calculator
  • Contact multi schools on enrolment enquiries
  • Comparing university results/ranking/trends with 2D/3D charts

Better Education also provides the tutoring and coaching school information beyond the primary and secondary schools and beyond academic subjects, for example, arts, adult further education, professional training, sports and fitness.

Furthermore some education resources, such as universities and TAFE, are provided for both domestic and international students and their parents.

Better Education is the most popular school directory and education information website in Australia, apart from governments. Since the inception in May 2008, Better Education website reached more than 37  million visitors (163  million page views) and tens of thousands of members/subscribers. Now the site attracts more than 350K visitors (new visitor ratio is about 60%), 1,500,000 page views in a typical month, as many as 15,000 (up to 42,000) users a day. There are more than 200,000 pages indexed by search engines (you can check site:bettereducation.com.au in Chrome). It's still growing. Hundreds of parents and students contact schools and other education service providers through the website every day. Also our contents are referenced by hundreds of schools, hundreds of websites including Wikipedia, discussed in hundreds of on-line forums and liked or shared by tens of thousands people.

Better Education Books is an online bookstore with books ranging from primary to higher education, academic and professional books. We offer up to 20% discount and free deliveries for bulk orders.