Top Primary Schools in WA - 2016

The following table lists the 2016 best (top quarter among all schools) primary schools in Western Australia. English and Maths are rated with 5 grades while the overall academic performance has 3 rating scales for you to choose. Related ratings: Top Perth Primary Schools | Top Perth Non-government Primary Schools | Top Perth Government Primary Schools | WA Primary School Ratings. Alternatively you can compare up to 5 WA primary schools and trends with 2D / 3D charts side by side. For other types of results or rankings, please visit School Ranking Home. There are a large range of factors that impact on academic results in addition to the role played by the school itself. These include the SES (Socio Economic Status) background of students, whether the school is selective in its student intake, etc. It is for the reader to do his own research and draw his or her own conclusions.

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Lowest: 1, 6, 60 - Highest: 5, 10, 100
SchoolLocality State Overall Score English Maths Total EnrolmentsSector
International School of Western Australia City Beach,WA,6015 100 235Non-government
Blue Gum Montessori School Bibra Lake,WA,6163 100 137Non-government
Hollywood Primary School Nedlands,WA,6009 100 272Government
Victoria Park Primary School Victoria Park,WA,6100 100 426Government
Chrysalis Montessori School Glendalough,WA,6016 100 105Non-government
Oberthur Primary School,Bull Creek,WA,6149 Bull Creek,WA,6149 100 634Government
Hale School Wembley Downs,WA,6019 100 1486Non-government
Nedlands Primary School Nedlands,WA,6009 100 511Government
Rostrata Primary School Willetton,WA,6155 100 793Government
Dalkeith Primary School Dalkeith,WA,6009 99 350Government
Floreat Park Primary School Floreat,WA,6014 99 586Government
Perth College Mount Lawley,WA,6050 99 1121Non-government
St Mary's Anglican Girls' School (Inc),Karrinyup,WA,6018 Karrinyup,WA,6018 99 1385Non-government
Mount Claremont Primary School Mount Claremont,WA,6010 99 168Government
St Paul's Primary School,Mount Lawley,WA,6050 Mount Lawley,WA,6050 99 176Non-government
Caladenia Primary School Canning Vale,WA,6155 99 784Government
Methodist Ladies' College Claremont,WA,6010 99 1126Non-government
Rossmoyne Primary School Rossmoyne,WA,6148 99 435Government
North Cottesloe Primary School Cottesloe,WA,6011 99 389Government
Schools Of Isolated & Distance Education Leederville,WA,6007 99 410Government
Christ Church Grammar School Claremont,WA,6010 99 1663Non-government
Carine Primary School Carine,WA,6020 99 569Government
Rosalie Primary School Shenton Park,WA,6008 99 560Government
St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls,Mosman Park,WA,6012 Mosman Park,WA,6012 99 1171Non-government
Swanbourne Primary School Swanbourne,WA,6010 99 447Government
Wembley Primary School Wembley,WA,6014 99 807Government
Dianella Heights Primary School Dianella,WA,6059 99 488Government
Holy Spirit School,City Beach,WA,6015 City Beach,WA,6015 99 189Non-government
West Leederville Primary School Leederville,WA,6007 99 511Government
John XXIII College,Mount Claremont,WA,6010 Mount Claremont,WA,6010 98 1432Non-government
Kapinara Primary School City Beach,WA,6015 98 390Government
Burrendah Primary School Willetton,WA,6155 98 620Government
Applecross Primary School Applecross,WA,6153 98 530Government
St John's Primary School,Scarborough,WA,6019 Scarborough,WA,6019 98 191Non-government
Helena College,Glen Forrest,WA,6071 Glen Forrest,WA,6071 98 752Non-government
City Beach Primary School City Beach,WA,6015 98 163Government
Rockingham John Calvin School,Baldivis,WA,6171 Baldivis,WA,6171 98 94Non-government
John Calvin School,Albany,WA,6330 Albany,WA,6330 98 216Non-government
Penrhos College,Como,WA,6152 Como,WA,6152 98 1170Non-government
Perth Montessori School Burswood,WA,6100 98 104Non-government
Shelley Primary School Shelley,WA,6148 98 382Government
Subiaco Primary School Subiaco,WA,6008 98 610Government
Churchlands Primary School Floreat,WA,6014 98 539Government
Riverton Primary School Riverton,WA,6148 98 573Government
Jolimont Primary School Jolimont,WA,6014 98 266Government
St Peter's Primary School,Inglewood,WA,6052 Inglewood,WA,6052 98 615Non-government
Wesley College,South Perth,WA,6151 South Perth,WA,6151 98 1369Non-government
South Perth Primary School South Perth,WA,6151 98 380Government
Poynter Primary School Duncraig,WA,6023 98 504Government
Ardross Primary School Ardross,WA,6153 97 403Government
Regent College,Victoria Park,WA,6100 Victoria Park,WA,6100 97 198Non-government
Richmond Primary School East Fremantle,WA,6158 97 429Government
Wattle Grove Primary School Wattle Grove,WA,6107 97 667Government
Banksia Park Primary School Leeming,WA,6149 97 295Government
Coolbinia Primary School Coolbinia,WA,6050 97 455Government
Glengarry Primary School,Duncraig,WA,6023 Duncraig,WA,6023 97 397Government
Winthrop Primary School Winthrop,WA,6150 97 663Government
Mount Pleasant Primary School,Mt Pleasant,WA,6153 Mount Pleasant,WA,6153 97 382Government
East Fremantle Primary School Fremantle,WA,6160 97 414Government
The Quintilian School,Mt Claremont,WA,6010 Mount Claremont,WA,6010 97 181Non-government
Presbyterian Ladies' College,Peppermint Grove,WA,6011 Peppermint Grove,WA,6011 97 1101Non-government
Mosman Park Primary School Mosman Park,WA,6012 97 366Government
Ballajura Primary School Ballajura,WA,6066 97 691Government
Willetton Primary School Willetton,WA,6155 97 578Government
Langford Islamic College,Langford,WA,6147 Langford,WA,6147 97 810Non-government
Booragoon Primary School Booragoon,WA,6154 97 403Government
St Pius X School,Manning,WA,6152 Manning,WA,6152 97 184Non-government
Bull Creek Primary School Bull Creek,WA,6149 97 362Government
Como Primary School,Como,WA,6152 Como,WA,6152 97 362Government
Ranford Primary School Canning Vale,WA,6155 96 620Government
All Saints' College,Bull Creek,WA,6149 Bull Creek,WA,6149 96 1242Non-government
Lance Holt School Fremantle,WA,6160 96 86Non-government
Padbury Catholic Primary School,Padbury,WA,6025 Padbury,WA,6025 96 488Non-government
Lake Gwelup Primary School Gwelup,WA,6018 96 464Government
St Joseph's School,Queens Park,WA,6107 Queens Park,WA,6107 96 422Non-government
West Leeming Primary School Leeming,WA,6149 96 477Government
Davallia Primary School Duncraig,WA,6023 96 464Government
Infant Jesus School Morley,WA,6062 96 425Non-government
St Andrew's Grammar,Dianella,WA,6059 Dianella,WA,6059 96 420Non-government
Doubleview Primary School Doubleview,WA,6018 96 407Government
Manning Primary School Manning,WA,6152 96 386Government
Collier Primary School Como,WA,6152 96 224Government
Karrinyup Primary School Karrinyup,WA,6018 96 463Government
Melville Primary School Melville,WA,6156 96 699Government
Highgate Primary School,Highgate,WA,6003 Highgate,WA,6003 96 595Government
Mount Hawthorn Primary School,Mount Hawthorn,WA,6016 Mount Hawthorn,WA,6016 96 820Government
Thornlie Christian College,Southern River,WA,6110 Southern River,WA,6110 96 840Non-government
Bateman Primary School Bateman,WA,6150 96 273Government
Beaconsfield Primary School,Beaconsfield,WA,6162 Beaconsfield,WA,6162 96 427Government
Hillarys Primary School Hillarys,WA,6025 95 557Government
Loreto Primary School Nedlands,WA,6009 95 185Non-government
Scotch College,Swanbourne,WA,6010 Swanbourne,WA,6010 95 1518Non-government
St Thomas' Primary School,Claremont,WA,6010 Claremont,WA,6010 95 194Non-government
Woodthorpe School,Willetton,WA,6155 Willetton,WA,6155 95 325Non-government
North Woodvale Primary School Woodvale,WA,6026 95 402Government
White Gum Valley Primary School White Gum Valley,WA,6162 95 254Government
North Beach Primary School North Beach,WA,6020 95 359Government
Our Lady of Grace School,North Beach,WA,6020 North Beach,WA,6020 95 458Non-government
Rehoboth Christian College,Kenwick,WA,6107 Kenwick,WA,6107 95 632Non-government
Carmel School Dianella,WA,6059 95 463Non-government
St Columba's School,Bayswater,WA,6053 Bayswater,WA,6053 95 352Non-government
Notre Dame Catholic Primary School Cloverdale,WA,6105 95 391Government
Our Lady of Lourdes School,Dardanup,WA,6236 Dardanup,WA,6236 95 188Non-government
Kyilla Primary School,North Perth,WA,6006 North Perth,WA,6006 95 295Government
Bicton Primary School Bicton,WA,6157 95 386Government
North Perth Primary School North Perth,WA,6006 95 436Government
Kingsway Christian College,Darch,WA,6065 Darch,WA,6065 95 1295Non-government
Our Lady of Fatima School,Palmyra,WA,6157 Palmyra,WA,6157 95 202Non-government
Freshwater Bay Primary School Claremont,WA,6010 95 465Government
Brentwood Primary School Brentwood,WA,6153 94 327Government
Woodlands Primary School Woodlands,WA,6018 94 459Government
Broomehill Primary School Broomehill,WA,6318 94 57Government
Orana Catholic Primary School Willetton,WA,6155 94 374Non-government
Sorrento Primary School Sorrento,WA,6020 94 418Government
St Mary's Catholic Primary School,Bunbury,WA,6230 Bunbury,WA,6230 94 201Non-government
Mount Lawley Primary School Mount Lawley,WA,6050 94 494Government
Beechboro Christian School Beechboro,WA,6063 94 205Non-government
Fremantle Primary School Fremantle,WA,6160 94 226Government
Holy Rosary School,Doubleview,WA,6018 Doubleview,WA,6018 94 404Non-government
Mel Maria Catholic Primary School Attadale,WA,6156 94 662Non-government
Margaret River Montessori School Margaret River,WA,6285 94 92Non-government
Tammin Primary School Tammin,WA,6409 94 63Government
Iona Primary School Mosman Park,WA,6012 94 269Non-government
Carey Baptist College,Harrisdale,WA,6112 Harrisdale,WA,6112 94 1373Non-government
St Anne's School,Harvey,WA,6220 Harvey,WA,6220 94 139Non-government
Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School,Gelorup,WA,6230 Gelorup,WA,6230 94 853Non-government
Divine Mercy College,Yangebup,WA,6164 Yangebup,WA,6164 94 396Non-government
Attadale Primary School Attadale,WA,6156 94 375Government
West Balcatta Primary School Balcatta,WA,6021 94 524Government
Karridale Primary School Karridale,WA,6288 93 60Government
St Michael's School,Bassendean,WA,6054 Bassendean,WA,6054 93 216Non-government
Guildford Grammar School,Guildford,WA,6935 Guildford,WA,6935 93 1144Non-government
Lake Monger Primary School Wembley,WA,6014 93 211Government
Newborough Primary School,Karrinyup,WA,6018 Karrinyup,WA,6018 93 381Government
St Dominic's School,Innaloo,WA,6018 Innaloo,WA,6018 93 156Non-government
Springfield Primary School Kallaroo,WA,6025 93 380Government
Whitford Catholic Primary School,Craigie,WA,6025 Craigie,WA,6025 93 528Non-government
Byford John Calvin School,Byford,WA,6122 Byford,WA,6122 93 174Non-government
Marmion Primary School Marmion,WA,6020 93 380Government
Kelmscott John Calvin School,Champion Lakes,WA,6111 Champion Lakes,WA,6111 93 174non-government
St Luke's Catholic Primary School,Woodvale,WA,6026 Woodvale,WA,6026 93 396Non-government
Excelsior Primary School Canning Vale,WA,6155 93 447Government
St Columba's Catholic Primary School,South Perth,WA,6151 South Perth,WA,6151 93 236Non-government
East Hamersley Primary School Hamersley,WA,6022 93 164Government
Walkaway Primary School Walkaway,WA,6528 93 70Government
St Jude's Catholic School,Langford,WA,6147 Langford,WA,6147 93 173Non-government
St Benedict's School,Ardross,WA,6153 Applecross,WA,6153 93 269Non-government
Maylands Peninsula Primary School Maylands,WA,6051 93 674Government
Atwell Primary School Atwell,WA,6164 93 809Government
Halidon Primary School Kingsley,WA,6026 92 263Government
Great Southern Grammar,Lower Kalgan,WA,6330 Kalgan,WA,6330 92 830Non-government
St Mark's Anglican Community School,Hillarys,WA,6025 Hillarys,WA,6025 92 1532Non-government
Newdegate Primary School Newdegate,WA,6355 92 48Government
Wembley Downs Primary School Wembley Downs,WA,6019 92 408Government
Pickering Brook Primary School Pickering Brook,WA,6076 92 149Government
North Fremantle Primary School North Fremantle,WA,6159 92 156Government
Cornerstone Christian College,Busselton,WA,6280 Busselton,WA,6280 92 429Non-government
Liwara Catholic Primary School,Greenwood,WA,6024 Greenwood,WA,6024 92 395Non-government
Quinns Baptist College,Mindarie,WA,6030 Mindarie,WA,6030 92 823Non-government
South Padbury Primary School Padbury,WA,6025 92 348Government
Duncraig Primary School Duncraig,WA,6023 92 373Government
The Beehive Montessori School,Mosman Park,WA,6012 Mosman Park,WA,6012 92 183Non-government
Cottesloe Primary School Peppermint Grove,WA,6011 92 335Government
Ellenbrook Primary School Ellenbrook,WA,6069 92 616Government
Falls Road Primary School Lesmurdie,WA,6076 92 294Government
Kensington Primary School Kensington,WA,6151 92 453Government
West Greenwood Primary School Greenwood,WA,6024 92 443Government
Campbell Primary School,Canning Vale,WA,6155 Canning Vale,WA,6155 92 802Government
Palmyra Primary School Palmyra,WA,6157 92 509Government
Ursula Frayne Catholic College,Victoria Park,WA,6100 Victoria Park,WA,6100 91 1306Non-government
Aubin Grove Primary School,Aubin Grove,WA,6164 Aubin Grove,WA,6164 91 1104Government
Our Lady of Good Counsel School,Karrinyup,WA,6018 Karrinyup,WA,6018 91 201Non-government
Tranby College,Baldivis,WA,6171 Baldivis,WA,6171 91 884Non-government
Queen of Apostles School Riverton,WA,6148 91 334Non-government
St Lawrence Primary School,Balcatta,WA,6021 Balcatta,WA,6021 91 208Non-government
Mater Christi Catholic Primary School Yangebup,WA,6164 91 600Non-government
Geraldton Grammar School Geraldton,WA,6530 91 551Non-government
Woodvale Primary School Woodvale,WA,6026 91 421Government
Santa Clara School,St James,WA,6102 St James,WA,6102 91 156Non-government
Bayswater Primary School,Bayswater,WA,6053 Bayswater,WA,6053 91 370Government
St Augustine Primary School,Rivervale,WA,6103 Rivervale,WA,6103 91 192Government
Hawker Park Primary School Warwick,WA,6024 91 218Government
Denmark Primary School Denmark,WA,6333 91 460Government
Goollelal Primary School Kingsley,WA,6026 91 218Government
Samson Primary School Samson,WA,6163 91 372Government
Northcliffe District High School Northcliffe,WA,6262 91 85Government
Kardinya Primary School Kardinya,WA,6163 91 406Government
Aranmore Catholic Primary School Leederville,WA,6007 91 397Non-government
Illawarra Primary School Ballajura,WA,6066 91 389Government
Sacred Heart Primary School,Highgate,WA,6003 Highgate,WA,6003 90 192Non-government
Fremantle Christian College,Hamilton Hill,WA,6163 Hamilton Hill,WA,6163 90 135Non-government
Dalmain Primary School Kingsley,WA,6026 90 304Government
Balcatta Primary School Balcatta,WA,6171 90 208Government
Beaumaris Primary School,Ocean Reef,WA,6027 Ocean Reef,WA,6027 90 754Government
Glendale Primary School Hamersley,WA,6022 90 299Government
Mary Mackillop Catholic Community Primary School Ballajura,WA,6066 90 558Non-government
St Stephen's School,Duncraig,WA,6023 Duncraig,WA,6023 90 2269Non-government
Kalamunda Christian School Walliston,WA,6076 90 274Non-government
Gooseberry Hill Primary School Gooseberry Hill,WA,6076 90 448Government
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