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Unique by Location or ItemCategoryTitleConditionAuthorEditionLast NameFirst NameFeature LinkShipping MethodOriginal Price ($)Asking Price ($)Shipping Fee ($)Status
FictionA Girl Called RosemaryFairDianne Doubtfire  Ms Ms   $0.50 Available
FictionAfter the DreamGoodMaisie Mosco  Mr Mr   $0.70 Available
FictionArtemis FowlExcellentEoin Colfer  Ms Ms   $0.80 Available
FictionBreak Point - Game, set and ... murderGoodDavid Belbin  Ms Ms need to discuss $1.00 Available
FictionBurning for BevengeExcellentJohn Marsden  Ms Ms   $0.90 Available
FictionCame back to show you i could flyNew/Never UsedRobin Klein  zin z   $18.00 Available
FictionCross My HeartGoodMaureen McCarthy  Ms Ms   $1.00 Available
FictionDance of the Happy ShadesNew/Never UsedAlice Munro  R T regular (POSTpak satchel)$25.00$14.95$5.50Available
FictionDhsyyrtrf zilludiondGoodAnne Mather  King Joe   $1.00 Available
FictionDistinctions of ClassGoodAnita Burgh  Ms Ms   $0.50 Available
FictionFormula OneGoodBob Judd  King Joe   $1.00 Available
FictionGoneGoodChris Nyst  Ms Ms Pick up from a public place $1.00 Available
FictionGoosebumpsGoodR.L. Stine  Ms Ms   $0.60 Available
FictionGoosebumpsExcellentR.L. Stine  King Joe   $1.00 Available
FictionHot SiberianGoodGeralda Browne  Mr Mr   $0.90 Available
FictionImarched with HannibalGoodHans Baumann  Ms Ms   $1.00 Available
FictionJohnny and the DeadFairTerry Pratchett  Ms Ms   $1.00 Available
FictionKensington HeightsGoodLeslie Thomas  Mr Mr   $1.00 Available
FictionKerry GreenwoodGoodPhryne Fisher  Ms Ms Pick up from a public place   Available
FictionLessons in MurderGoodClaire McNab  Miss Miss   $0.70 Available
FictionLost ActFairChristopher Pike  Ms Ms   $0.50 Available
FictionMage HeartGoodJane Routley  Ms Ms   $0.70 Available
FictionMore of the Best - Stories for GirlsFairN. Gretchen Greiner  Ms Ms   $0.50 Available
FictionMr Hudson's DiariesGoodMichael Hardwick  Miss Miss   $0.80 Available
FictionMr ObviousGoodJames Lileks  King Joe   $1.00 Available
FictionMurder at the MasqueExcellentAmy Myers  Miss Miss   $0.80 Available
FictionMystery StoriesGoodSusan Sand  Miss Miss   $0.70 Available
FictionNew BeginningsExcellentMaisie Mosco  Miss Miss   $0.70 Available
FictionOne is OneGoodBarbara Leonie Picard  Ms Ms   $0.80 Available
FictionPoetFairMichael Connelly  Ms Ms   $1.00 Available
FictionRed GasGoodEdward Topol  Mr Mr   $0.70 Available
FictionRomulus,my fatherExcellentRaimong Gaita  zin z   $18.00 Available
FictionSelected PoemsNew/Never UsedGwen Harwood  R T regular (PostPak satchel)$26.95$16.00$5.50Available
FictionShell SeekersExcellentRosamunde Pilcher  Mr Mr   $0.80 Available
FictionSoul SurvivorGoodChristopher Golden  Ms Ms need to discuss $0.50 Available
FictionSoul SurvivorGoodChristopher Golden  Miss Miss   $0.70 Available
FictionSparring with shadowsNew/Never UsedArchimede Fusillo  zin z   $18.00 Available
FictionSuddenlyGoodBarbara Delinsdy  Mr Mr   $0.80 Available
FictionThe AbyssGoodSteve Vance  King Joe   $1.00 Available
FictionThe accidental touristNew/Never UsedAnne Tyler  zin z   $18.00 Available
FictionThe French FortuneGoodCatherine Gavin  King Joe Pick up? $0.50 Available
FictionThe Lark on the WingGoodElfrida Vipont  Ms Ms Pick up from a public place $1.00 Sold
FictionThe Sword of the SpiritsGoodJohn Christopher  Ms Ms   $1.00 Available
FictionThere Goes CharlieGoodAnne Fleming  Ms Ms   $1.00 Available
FictionTransformerGoodPhilip Gross  Ms Ms   $0.80 Available
FictionUnder GeminiExcellentRosamunde Pilcher  Mr Mr   $1.00 Available
FictionUnseenGoodPaul Jennings  Ms Ms   $0.80 Available
FictionWhen the Singing StopsExcellentDi Morrissey  Ms Ms   $0.90 Available

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